Bharat Jagruti Yatra 2008

31 days,  23 States, 98 Camps
25000 kms, 90 villages/towns
40 School/Colleges; 55 FOGSI Society Meetings

Kanyakumari to Delhi.
1st September, 08 – 1st October, 08


About FOGSI: Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India – was formed in 1950 with an aim to impart continuous education to Gynaecologists & Promote research in the field of OBGYN.

Not only an academic face this organization promotes services for betterment of Health of the Community, Maternal and Child Health & treatment of disorders related to practice of OBGYN.

The Federation has 202 Societies with 23,000 members spread over the length and breadth of this vast Country with 26 FOGSI – Committees. With a head office in Mumbai (FOGSI, Model Resident CHS, 605, Bapurao Jagtap Marg, Jacob Circle, Mahalaxmi (E), Mumbai – 400011).

FOGSI is instrumental in taking up many problems women face with the basic idea to improve maternal health. A healthy woman leads to a healthy family & healthy Nation.
FOGSI BHARAT JAGRUTI YATRA was the brainchild of the dynamic FOGSI President 2008. Dr. Narendra C Malhotra, had not limited the focus to a regional level but paints on the largest canvas possible- the whole of INDIA in the all the colours of the rainbow- VIBGYOR!
The vision was to take this message to every FOGSI society, 202 in number, and influence and awaken each member towards their contribution to women's health and well-being. The very theme of this year speaks volumes, it encompasses:

Education of the adolescent girl

Eradication of Anemia

Regulate population and fertility

Promote contraception and safe abortions

Deliver safely

Detect cancers

Plant a FOGSI Tree- Amla/Neem

The nutritious fruit of Amla- a symbol that the effort will fructify and a message to the village women that Vit C, Iron and Calcium rich food is what they need during pregnancy.
There were over 98 events throughout the length and breadth of the country from 1.09.08 to 1.10.08, which had spread the message. It was thrilling to imagine that in a series starting from Kanya Kumari to Wagah lamps of awakening would lighten up on the map of India like a wave! Every host society was excited and enthusiastic.
Thus, the YATRA had arrived to celebrate and unite the people of INDIA towards one goal- a healthier, happier mother and to Save and educate the girl child.

Key Highlights:
On every route guidelines were sent to every society six months prior and final action plan was given to them one month prior and every one has arranged the camps according to the guidelines and action plan.

  • Health Check-up camp was arranged with the help of Local Society members, local IMA and other social clubs. (Total duration minimum 3hrs)
  • One-hour awareness program through lectures, power point presentation and movie shown by one of the Yatra participants.
  • 30 minutes Press Conference.
  • Tree plantation at the end of program by Chief Guest (invited by Local Society), President, Sec and Yatra Coordinator.
  • On route One, 16 camps were conducted by route one coordinator Dr Shirin Venkat. Major area covered on this route was North East part of the country.
  • On route Two, 19 camps were conducted by route two coordinator Dr Maninder Ahuja.
  • On route Three, 25 camps were conducted by chief coordinator Mr Rajesh Surana.
  • On route Four, 25 camps were conducted by route four coordinator Dr Shirish Patwardhan.
  • Every camp was attended by more than 500 school girls and rural women.
  • Health check up camps were attended by more than 500 rural women.
  • Villages nearby cities were adopted by local societies, as main target was rural women and school going girls (adolescents).
  • Messages on adolescent education, safe delivery, safe abortion, safe motherhood, anaemia eradication and environment were given everywhere.
  • Duration of program on every camp area was 4hrs – 6 hrs. (although it was decided that camp timings should be for 3 hrs)

Total involvements of FOGSIANS for these camps were 5000+ members. Other than FOGSIANS, Rotarians, Lions, IMA, Social Women Sansthan were also took part in the Yatra Awareness Program. They have joined most of rallies.
Madurai, Agra, Faridabad, Hissar, Sagar, Guntur, Jamshedpur, Nellore, Rajamundhary, Allahabad, Nalbari, Guwahati, Silchar Jagruti rallies were more than 3 kilometers (attended by more than 3000 people)
Distance Covered:
Total distance covered on all routes was 25000 kms. (5000 kms on route 1; 6500 kms on route 2; 7000 kms on route 3 and 6500 kms on route 4).
Yatra Brief:
On 1st September, 08 FOGSI Office bearers, Yatra Coordinators, Social Clubs and other society members assembled at Suchindram for First Awareness Camp and Flag-off just after Pooja in the famous temple at Suchindram at 8 am. Yatra started on four routes lead by one coordinator and FOGSIANs to their next destination.

Each society had chosen a village nearby the city and started to spread the message regarding Yatra Themes:

  • Educate Adolescent Girls,
  • Eradicate Anaemia
  • Regulate Population and Fertility
  • Deliver Safely
  • Promote Contraception and Safe Abortion
  • Detect Cancers
  • Plant a Tree

Camps were organized in the villages/towns and in each camp during 1st Hr one speaker delivered the awareness message "What steps should be taken to save the Indian Mother". And other important health issues like Anaemia Problem; the speaker also spoken on Safe Delivery, Safe Motherhood, Adoolescent Healthcare and education. Then the message given to "Stop Female Feticide and to Educate Adolescent Girls". "Effects of Female Feticide on Social Life and on Whole Society". This message given through a movie (50 Minutes).
Local Society deputed a team to take care for follow up of the camp.
One Amla/Neem tree planted on the Campsite and this plant has given the known name FOGSI PLANT.
On most of camp sites, health check of camps were also arranged by local society members & social clubs.

Yatra Coordinators Observed that in almost all over India, School and college girls are still unknown about their health issues. They are not aware about Anaemia. Safe delivery was a major problem in rural areas. Villagers preferred to get delivered in their houses rather than hospitals or medical centres, as they are not aware about government policies and most of places due to corruption they avoid to go to government Hospitals. On most of places overall conditions of PHCs were found very ill. No trained doctors have appointed on these centres and centres do not have any infrastructure to treat the patients. Yatra Coordinator Observed most critical conditions in North East.


The overall impact of Yatra Awareness Program was very positive. People have decided to go to the hospitals for regular antenatal check ups and delivery, after attending the awareness programs.

These type of awareness program should run regularly in the rural areas to create proper awareness in the country.

The FOGSI – ASTRA BHARAT JAGRUTI YATRA concluding ceremony held at Delhi Ganga Ram Hospital Auditorium at 9-11 am on 1st October, 2008.

All FOGSI office bearers and all yatra route co-ordinators with their team were present. Presentations to Nursing staff and to Doctors made on why social responsibility, girl child, anemia, HIV, cancer prevention, safe abortions, safe deliveries and tree plantation.

Dr. Narendra Malhotra, Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, Dr. C. N. Purandare, Chief Co-ordinator Mr. Rajesh Surana, Co-ordinators Dr. Shirish Patwardhan, Dr. Shirin Venkat, Dr. Maninder Ahuja, Dr. Anupam Gupta expressed their views. Welcome Address was given by Dr Indirani Ganguli and vote of thanks by Dr Harsha Khullar.

After that, delegation proceeded to Rashtrapati Bhawan to meet Hon'ble Her Excellency Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil. Where Delegation met to The President and Dr Narendra Malhotra and Dr Jaideep Malhotra explained the experiences of Yatra Coordinators during this yatra. Dr Narendra Malhotra, Dr Jaideep Malhotra and Dr C N Purandare presented a momento to Her Excellency. An appreciation Certificate and Memento for their dedicated services towards this nobal cause were given to Dr. Narendra Malhotra, Dr. Jaideep Malhotra, Dr. C. N. Purandare, Chief Co-ordinator Mr. Rajesh Surana, Co-ordinators Dr. Shirish Patwardhan, Dr. Shirin Venkat, Dr. Maninder Ahuja & Dr Anupam Gupta. Dr Bhagwati Oza (72) was the senior most doctor on the Yatra route and she devoted full month with yatra to serve the community. Dr Saubhagya Gupta, 65 years from Pune was also devoted her full month for this community service project.

Next Step:
The vision for the future is every society will adopt a village and at their annual conference, Yatra (make a walking pilgrimage) to the village with banners and fanfare and note the change every year. Next FOGSI President will adopt these villages through FOGSI Societies to continue this awareness chain.


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