Maternal Mortality in India

Dear Colleague,

One of the important FOGSI activity initiated by our President, DR. Sanjai Gupte is to conduct the Maternal Mortality Survey of our Country through our members and with your support and contribution we can achieve  this major task.

Kindly spare a few minutes from your busy schedule and complete the appended datasheet summarizing trends in maternal mortality* in your institution. The completed form may be sent to: Dr P K Sekharan, Dwaraka, Near SBI Officers' Colony, Calicut - 673017, Kerala. You are welcome to clarify any queries by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or by phone (mobile: 9447156954). The Success of this Survey Depends on your Contribution. Please send the data with the number of deliveries even if there are no maternal deaths in your institution. Kindly send in your responses without delay so that can collate the data come to the conclusions. The result of the analysis will be made available to you for reference. The name of the institution will be kept anonymous.

In sincere appreciation of your co-operation and contribution to this survey,

Prof P K Sekharan
Vice-President FOGSI

* Please send the number of deliveries in your institution even if there are no maternal deaths.

Name of the Institution (will be anonymised):
District: State:
Name and address of contributor:


2007 2008 2009
Total no. of Deliveries
Total no. of Caesarean Section
Total no. of Maternal deaths
Total no. of death due to PPH
(a) Atonic
(b) raumatic
Total no. of death due to APH
(a) Placenta Praevia
(b) Abruption
Total no. of PIH
No. of deaths due to PIH
Total no. of Eclampsia
No. of deaths due to Eclampsia
No. of deaths due to Rupture Uterus
No. of deaths following ectopic pregnancy
No. of deaths following unsafe abortion
Total no. of deaths due to sepsis
Total no. of deaths due to medical illness
(a) No. of deaths due to anaemia
(b) No. of deaths due to heart disease
(c) No. of deaths due to viral hepatitis
(d) No. of deaths associated with HIV/AIDS
(e) No. of deaths due to thromboembolism
(f) No. of deaths due to amniotic fluid embolism
Others (specify________________________)

List of other FOGSI members in this Institution.

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