Website Guidelines January 2010

First Presented and Adopted at Managing Committee Meeting held in Mumbai on September 18, 2009

Updated at Managing Committee Meeting held in Guwahati on January 18, 2010

FOGSI Website

  • The FOGSI Website to be promoted and to function as the primary website of FOGSI.
  • The primary website address will be
  • FOGSI to strive to identify and occupy related addresses
  • The management responsibility for the website rests with the FOGSI office.
  • The Deputy Secretary General is assigned the supervisory responsibility at this time

ICOG and JOGI Websites

  • ICOG and JOGI to maintain and continue with their respected websites
  • ICOG Website may concentrate on ICOG activities, training programmes, on line CMEs and related academic issues
  • JOGI Website may concentrate on journal related issues, the online edition and archives
  • FOGSI Website to provide links to the ICOG and JOGI websites on the Home Page with reciprocal linkage provided
  • ICOG and JOGI Websites to be represented on the proposed Website Management Committee.

Committee and Registry Websites

  • FOGSI committees and registries to continue with their respective websites at this time
  • Committee websites to limit themselves to the allotted scope and concentrate on committee activities and related issues
  • Registry websites to concentrate on data collection and periodic communication of results
  • FOGSI websites may provide links to the committee and registry websites after screening by the Website Management Committee for compliance with Website Guidelines

FOGSI Website Management Committee

FOGSI Website Management Committee

  • Will be responsible for editorial content, recommending and monitoring compliance with Website Guidelines and day to day management issues
  • Committee Constitution
    • President
    • Secretary General
    • Senior Vice President
    • Website Coordinator - Deputy Secretary General
    • Treasurer
    • ICOG Website Representative
    • Journal Website Representative
    • Two Joint Website Coordinators
    • Website Secretary

Tenure of Appointed Members

  • Joint Website Coordinators to serve up to a maximum of 3 one year terms
  • Future creation of editorial and administrative wings on lines of Journal management
  • Meetings when necessary - quarterly whenever possible

Team Website

  • Invited contributors with a commitment to provide regular content and assist in review
  • Annual invitation and appointment by Website Management Committee

FOGSI Website Updates

Frequency of Updates

  • Monthly updates of regular periodic features
  • Fortnightly updates of routine announcements
  • Updates at any time if deemed urgent
  • Carry dates of first and review posting

Screening of Material received

  • Material posted should be in keeping with FOGSI policy and relevant to FOGSI membership
  • Unsolicited requests for web posting received by the FOGSI office to be screened by the Website committee members

FOGSI Website Fund Raising

Fund Raising Policies

  • Avoid displaying paid commercial content on the Home Page
  • Single sponsor support may be acknowledged
    • Advertisements may be placed on all other pages
  • Not more than 10% of the area on any page to be allotted to advertisements
    • Position banners and section sponsors permitted
    • No paid sponsored articles permitted

FOGSI Conference Announcements

Conference Announcements

  • The FOGSI Website shall carry announcements of the following conferences
    • Organized by International Professional organizations
    • Organized by National Professional organizations
  • Initiated by a formal approach to FOGSI with reciprocal announcements of our annual and important international conferences on their websites
  • Links shall be provided to FIGO, AOFOG and SAFOG conferences
  • Announcements of non professional organization organized meetings will not be included at this time
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