A  Dream concept of Jabalpur Obs/Gyn Society was conceived and initiated  on 31st October 2010 , with the ambition of providing “A Healthy Fetus to build a Healthy Nation”. The concept of FETUS DAY is growing and taking firm roots to play a bigger role on the national and international scene. It is incorporated in  the FOGSI curriculum and was decided to be celebrated every year on the same day.

A new baby is the beginning of all things……wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities, so it should be a concerted effort of all obstetricians, neonatologists, geneticists, pediatric surgeons, sinologists and others to help bringing a healthy baby. A baby is a Blank Cheque made payable to the human race, so why should we not give our best in this advanced era of technologies, in reducing congenital birth anomalies as far as possible.

Objectives of FETUS DAY

  1. To prevent and diagnose GENETIC DISORDERS
  2. Delivery of a HEALTHY CHILD
  3. Enhancing RESEARCH and treatment options in FETAL MEDICINE.

Birth defects are one of the leading causes of infant deaths and childhood disability. Congenital anomalies account for 20-25% of prenatal deaths. Prenatal diagnosis is now routinely offered as a part of prenatal care.

The purpose of celebrating Fetus Day was to propagate this innovative idea in the understanding of various types of tests that have been developed to evaluate the health of an unborn baby.

Every parent desires a healthy child. The task of motherhood is both challenging and rewarding. There are many questions patient often ask when considering the health of their unborn baby.

New advances in medical genetics, diagnostic technologies, and assisted reproduction has created new opportunities for choice and control in human reproduction.
The aim is to detect birth defects such as neural tube defects, down syndrome, chromosome abnormalities, genetic diseases and other conditions such as spina bifida, cleft palate, sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, and fragile x syndrome etc.

Prenatal diagnosis employs a variety of techniques to determine the health and condition of an unborn fetus which includes amniocentesis, ultrasonography including nuchal translucency ultrasound, serum marker testing, or genetic screening. In some cases, the tests are administered to determine if the fetus will be aborted. Though physicians and patients also find it useful to diagnose high – risk pregnancies early, so that delivery can be scheduled in a tertiary care hospital where the baby can receive appropriate care. Without knowledge gained by. Prenatal diagnosis, there could be an untoward outcome for the fetus or the mother or both.

To summarize, fetus should be taken as a separate individual and not a transient appendage to the would be mother.

A healthy fetus becomes a healthy child and a healthy offspring is a great asset to the society.


Master Trainers

Dear Friends,

As I have already communicated with you that GOI is in the process of  creating a pool  of  50 Master Trainers in the country  for  training the  doctors, gynecologists, nurses  etc  in different Modules  on care during pregnancy and child birth.

Quite a few of you have already communicated with me & I have forwarded these names to the concerned authorities. This letter is a request to you to please communicate with me at the earliest if you are interested to volunteer for the same programme.

The 1st Phase training of trainers is likely to begin in last week of May/1st week of June, 2010. This will be a 10 days  training of trainers after which  these  trainers  will be required  to go in the states, initially once a month and later on  may be once in 2 months.   The state  visit will be  of 3-4 days  where  these  trainers  who have been trained  by GOI  will impart training  to  doctors, gynecologists, nurses  etc  in different GOI Modules  on care during pregnancy and child birth. The 1st training will be for  2 days BeMOC  module.

Honorarium will be at govt. rates i.e. Rs. 1000 per day. Accommodation and food will be at NIHFW, Munirka, and New Delhi. Apex Air Fare will be paid at NIHFW. Tentative date for 10 days Trainers Training will be last week of May or first week of June

Indian Pediatric Association  has partnered  with GOI   on a  similar 2 day module called  Navjat Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (NSSK) and completed  Master Trainers Training  in all the states  by sending their representatives/members in the different part  of the country. We as a FOGSI should also actively participate.

Warm regards

Dr. Sanjay Gupte

FOGSI Elections - 2011

The rules for the forthcoming election have been amended at the last General Body Meeting of FOGSI.

FOGSI will have five Vice Presidents, two from the West Zone and one each from the East, North and South Zones to make the selection process equitable and to encourage involvement of FOGSI members and a more thoughtful selection.  It was decided to mandate a complete ballot where by votes will have to be exercise in each and every Category of Post that is open for election.

Below are the instructions are given on the official ballot paper.  Kindly peruse them and follow them meticulously.

  1. Please put X against the name you wish to vote for President.
  2. Please put X against the names you wish to vote for Vice President

As there are Five Vice Presidents to be elected you are requested to excise your vote one each for Vice President from East, North and South Zone and Two votes for Vice Presidents from West Zone.

  1. Please put X against the name you wish to vote for the FOGSI Representative to AOFOG.
  2. Please put X against the name you wish to vote for the FOGSI Representative to SAFOG.
  3. You must not put more than one cross opposite the name of any candidates.
  4. As your vote is secret, you must not put your signature on the ballot paper or make any other mark on it which will reveal your identity.
  5. The voting paper is not to be signed.
  6. Three envelopes, the first white envelope marked “Voting Paper Only”, the second dark brown envelope bearing the address of the Federation and the third light brown envelope withBusiness Reply number and bar coded with the address of the Federation office are enclosed. If any other envelope or contents are used, your vote will be considered invalid.
  7. Exercising your voting rights, insert the voting paper in the white envelope provided marked “Voting Paper Only” and close it and then insert the closed white envelope in the dark brown envelope addressed to the Federation (please write your full name, address and signature on the envelope). Then insert this in the light brown Business Reply (numbered) envelope and post the same without affixing stamps as the postage will be paid by the Federation.
  8. The voting paper should be returned, duly completed as per the above guidelines, so as to reach the office of the Federation on or before 10th September 2011, Saturday, 3.00 p.m.
  9. Kindly Post the envelope yourself.

We look forward to your active involvement and participation and request you to judiciously exercise your franchise.  Your vital electoral exercise is very important for the wellbeing of our Federation.

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (PGDCR)

Dear Colleagues,

FOGSI takes privilege to invite members from all across India for a Unique Education opportunity in Clinical Research, “Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (PGDCR)” conducted by Symbiosis. Symbiosis is  one of the  Premium Educational Institutes in Pune, Symbiosis Centre of Health Care ( SCHC) is the in house health centre providing preventive, promotive and curative health services to the students and staff of Symbiosis. A pioneer in the field of Health Education, SCHC has entered into academics. SCHC offers a number of academic programs for health care professionals. FOGSI and Symbiosis have officially joined hands for the Distance Learning Education in Clinical Research.

As you all know understanding clinical research and its application is the need of the hour. PGDCR is Online course has been specially designed for the FOGSI members. It will commence from academic year JAN 2012-13. All FOGSI members can avail this facility as well they will have 15% discount in the Fees of the course.

You will all find that entire curriculum is designed by the stalwarts in the field of clinical research.

Welcome to the new world of Research. Get ready for “The Career of Tomorrow”

For details..
Contact: Co-ordinator
Dr.Bharati Dhorepatil,
Chairperson: Clinical Research Committee,FOGSI
Email :

Please visit web site:

FIGO/SIGO 2012 International Fellowship Programme

Details of the FIGO/SIGO 2012 International Fellowship Programme have now been announced.

Please visit the Congress website for more information.

IGCS Young Doctors' Summit

Nominations Requested for IGCS Young Doctors' Summit (YDS)


IGCS President Shingo Fujii has expressed a strong interest in supporting young physicians during the 14th Biennial IGCS Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, 13-16 October 2012. He has promoted the development of a full-day “Young Doctors’ Summit” to encourage peer networking, presentations, and social interaction.  In addition, he has helped to raise funding to support travel of young physicians to attend the session in Vancouver.

FOGSI PG Course 2012 Program

An Intensive Preparatory Course for Postgraduate Diploma and Degree Examinations

FOGSI Crash Course
An Intensive Preparatory Course for Postgraduate Diploma and Degree Examinations

DD to DD MMM 2012 Venue : Auditorium, ABC Medical College

Day 1, Friday
0900 – 0930 Registration
0930 – 1000 Inauguration
  • Address by the FOGSI President - Recorded
  • Address by the Dean / Prinicpal / Head of Department of Hospital
  • Address by the President / Secretary of local OBGYN society
  • Felicitation
1000 – 1100 Case – Anemia
1100 - 1115 Coffee Break
1115 – 1215 Viva – On the OT table
  • Accidental injury to the bladder at LSCS
  • Uterine perforation at MTP (Perforation Drill)
  • Unexpected ovarian mass at abdominal hysterectomy
  • Adenomyosis misdiagnosed as fibroid for myomectomy
1215 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1330 Viva – Fetal Monitoring spots
  • Non stress test
  • Electronic fetal monitoring in labor
  • Biophysical profile and its modifications
  • Color Doppler
1330 – 1430 Case – Heart Disease
1430 – 1445 Coffee Break
1445 – 1545 Case – Heavy menstrual bleeding
(Should cover evaluation, medical management, non-hysterectomy options, route of hysterectomy)
1545 – 1645 Viva – Obstetric Emergencies / Drills
  • Postpartum collapse
  • PPH
  • Eclampsia
1645 – 1730 Case – Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Day 2, Saturday
0830 – 0930 Case – Previous LSCS
(Should cover CPD, operative difficulties, abnormal placentation)
0930 – 1015 Case – Diabetes in pregnancy
1015 – 1030 Coffee Break
1030 – 1115 Viva – Instrumental Vaginal Delivery
1115 – 1200 Viva – Obstetric Drugs – Corticosteroids, Tocolytics, Anti-D
1200 – 1230 How to Appear for a Viva Exam
1230 – 1315 Lunch
1315 – 1415 Viva – ObGyn Instruments – Speculum, Artery forceps, Tissue forceps, Pedicle clamps, Myomectomy clamp, Verres needle, Trocar/cannula, Hysteroscopy sheaths
1415 – 1500 Case – Multiple pregnancy
1500 – 1515 Coffee Break
1515 – 1615 Viva - Labor, Pelvis, Fetal Skull
(Should cover mechanism of labor, maternal pelvis and fetal skull landmarks, partogram and abnormal progress of labor)
1615 – 1715 Case – Postmenopausal bleeding
(Should cover evaluation, hystereoscopy, endometrial cancer)

Day 3, Sunday
0830 – 0915 Case – Infertility
(Should cover male factor, tubal factor)
0915 – 1000 Viva – Contraception
1000 – 1015 Coffee Break
1015 – 1115 Case – Hypertension in pregnancy
1115 – 1215 Case – Prolapse & SUI
1215 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1345 Gynecological Ward Rounds
  • Post operative patient who has undergone a vaginal hysterectomy
  • Pre operative patient with an endometrioma
  • 15 year old adolescent with heavy vaginal bleeding
1345 – 1445 Case – Amenorrhoea
(Should cover Mullerian anomalies, PCOS, Ovarian failure)
1445 – 1500 Coffee Break
1500 – 1600 Viva – MTP, Sterilization
1600 – 1700 Case – Carcinoma Cervix

Program Convenors Local Society Venue co-ordinators
Dr Parikshit Tank
Dr Ashis Kumar Mukhopadhyay
President: Dr
Secretary: Dr

FOGSI PG Course 2012 Co-ordinators:
President: Dr PK Shah
Vice Presidents in Charge: Dr Mandakini Parihar, Dr Laxmi Shrikhande
Convenors: Dr Ashis Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Dr Parikshit Tank
Zonal Co-ordinators
North: Dr
West: Dr Sarita Bhalerao, Dr
South: Dr Aswath Kumar, Dr Raju
East: Dr Basab Mukherjee, Dr Sujata Misra

FOGSI Office Bearers

President: Dr P K Shah
Vice Presidents:
Dr Mandakini Parihar
Dr Laxmi Shrikhande
Dr Prashant Acharya
Dr Mandkini Megh
Joint Secretary: Dr Parikshit Tank
Immediate Past President: Dr PC Mahapatra
President Elect: Dr Hema Divakar
Secretary General: Dr Nozer Sheriar
Deputy Secretary General: Dr Hrishikesh Pai
Treasurer: Dr Jaydeep Tank
Joint Treasurer: Dr Madhuri Patel

FOGSI Intensive Preparatory Course for Postgraduate Examinations

Date: 19th January 2011

Sub: FOGSI Intensive Preparatory Course for Postgraduate Examinations

Dear Sir / Madam,

It is our pleasure to announce that the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) will be organizing the FOGSI Intensive Preparatory Course for Postgraduate Examinations at various locations across the country.

As the President and Secretary of your local society, we would like to invite you to send in your applications as soon as possible to be able to host this course. Societies with a large postgraduate student base are strongly encouraged to apply for the course.

Tentative three day program copy is sent herewith.

General guidelines

  • The aim of the course is to allow postgraduates to sharpen their exam skills. They should participate freely and drive the discussion.
  • The emphasis is on discussion, interaction and exam based learning. Didactic lectures should be kept to a minimum.
  • A pool of at least ten exam going postgraduate students should be prepared locally.
  • Each session should be assigned to one or two postgraduate students and two or three faculty members (examiners).
  • Two national faculty members will be assigned per course. The national faculty will generally be a postgraduate teacher with experience in conducting postgraduate examinations.
  • At least eight local faculty members should participate in the program so that students are exposed to a variety of examination styles and processes.

For case sessions:

  • 40 min – case presentation, discussion and questions
  • 10 min – PowerPoint by the faculty highlighting the salient points (not more than 10 slides)
  • 10 min – questions from the audience

For Viva sessions:

  • No PowerPoint presentations except those illustrating the questions


This course is being held with an educational grant from Sun Pharmaceuticals – Spectra Division. Each course has been allotted a maximum budget of Rs 100000 (Rupees One Lakh Only). This amount will be allocated to your society on the application for the course being accepted. All expenses will be met from this amount including:

  • Travel and stay of national faculty member
  • Rental for auditorium
  • Lunch, refreshments for faculty members and students (approximately 150 per course)
  • Audiovisual charges
  • Other incidentals

Students will not be charged course fees. Sponsorships and stalls from other pharmaceutical or health care related companies will not be permissible at the venue on the days of the course.


The application to hold the course is expected to reach us by 15 February 2012. Please co-operate with this deadline.

Communication and submission guidelines:

Please communicate your acceptance by sending an email. You may contact the course team for clarifications on This address may be used for applications as well.

With sincere thanks from the FOGSI postgraduate course 2012 team,

Dr P K Shah
President, FOGSI 2012
Dr Mandakini Parihar
Vice President, FOGSI 2012
Dr Laxmi Shrikhande
Vice President, FOGSI 2012
Dr Ashish Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Convenor, FOGSI PG Course 2012

Dr Parikshit Tank
Convenor and Joint Secretary, FOGSI 2012

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