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Dear Colleagues,

One more active FOGSI year is coming to an end. Year 2013 saw Dr Hema Diwakar, take over the reins of FOGSI presidency along with her team of enthusiastic Vice Presidents Dr. Maninder Ahuja, Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao Gandhi, Dr. Alpesh Gandhi, Dr. Jayant Rath, Dr. S. Shantha Kumari.

Under their able leadership, numerous activities were carried out. The pace of work was truly breathtaking. You can access all these activities under the heading of Presidential activities 2013. The team of 2013 has set up a bristling pace which I am sure the new team of 2014 will maintain & grow.

The new team lead by the incoming President Dr. Suchitra Pandit and dynamic Vice Presidents Dr. Gokulchandra Das, Dr. Indrani Ganguli, Dr. Ritu Joshi, Dr. Sheela Mane,
Dr. Roza Olyai have taken over in the historic city of Patna. The Patna AICOG team lead by Org. Chairperson - Dr. Shanti Roy, Org. Vice Chairpersons - Dr. Pramila Modi, Dr. Pramila Gupta, Dr. Sushma Pandey, Dr. Khalda Huda,  Org. Secretaries - Dr Manju Gita Mishra, Dr. Kusum Gopal Kapoor and Dr. Anita Singh have put in excellent effort. The venue was beautifully done up & was full of facilities. The excellent scientific program coupled with good food and lavish entertainment made the Patna AICOG a memorable event.

The FOGSI administration led by our Secretary General Dr. Nozer Sheriar is doing a great job. We are slowly establishing administrative norms and protocols which will strengthen the organisation. We are actively looking to relocate FOGSI to a larger place so that we can conduct our academic and ICOG activities with more ease.

The FOGSI journal is doing very well. The production quality, scientific content and overall popularity of the journal has vastly improved under the editorial handling of Dr. C. N. Purandare and his dedicated team of editors and subeditors. Our new Editor Dr. Gautam Allahbadia has taken over and will, I am sure, do a good job.

Dr. Atul Munshi has taken over as Chairperson of ICOG along with Dr. Mala Arora, Vice Chairperson and Dr. Jaideep Malhotra as Secretary. The ICOG has been very active. Its tie up with the College of Ireland has been complete. Its postgraduate training programs are in place. The first exams would be conducted in the near future.

FOGSI has been well represented Internationally by Dr. Narendra Malhotra (FOGSI Representative to FIGO), Dr. P. C. Mahapatra (FOGSI Representative to SAFOG),
Dr. Sanjay Gupte (FOGSI Representative to AOFOG), Dr. Kurian Joseph (President of AOFOG), Dr. C. N. Purandare (President Elect, FIGO), Dr. Rishma Pai (World Endometriosis Society), Dr. Prashant Mangeshikar (President, ISGE), Dr Jaideep Malhotra (President ASPIRE) and myself (Assistant Treasurer IFFS).

I wish you happy surfing and God Bless!!!

Dr Hrishikesh Pai

Web Co-ordinator, FOGSI
Deputy Secretary General of FOGSI
Chairman AICOG 2013 Mumbai
President Elect Indian society for Assisted Reproduction
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