Dr Rishma Pai

Dr Rishma Pai

Imm. Past President, FOGSI – 2017

From the desk of Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai – Imm. Past President, FOGSI 2017

Respected Chief Guest, Guest of honor, Immediate Past President Dr. Alka Kriplani, Chairperson of the 60th AICOG Dr. Dipesh Dholakia, Outgoing Vice Presidents Dr. Bharati Dhorepatil, Dr. Vineet Mishra, Dr. Ashish Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Sadhana Gupta and Dr. Revathy Janikiram, Dr. Garima Kachhwa, my team of Vice Presidents, Dr.Sunita Tandulwadkar, Dr. Bhaskar Pal, Dr. Rajesh Modi, Dr. M G Hiremath and Dr. Ranjana Khanna, ICOG chairman Dr. Krishnendu Gupta, Dean Dr C N Purandare and Secretary Dr S. Shantakumari, Secretary General of FOGSI, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, Deputy Secretary General Dr. Jaydeep Tank, Treasurer –Dr. Madhuri Patel, Jt. Treasurer- Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar, Jt. Secretary Dr. Sarita Bhalerao, Organizing Secretary of AICOG Dr. Pragnesh Shah, Dr. M. C Patel, Conference Convener, Dr. Alpesh Gandhi, Dr. Atul Munshi, Dr. C B Nagori, Organizing Co- Chairpersons , Dr. Kiran Desai, Dr. Kanthi Bansal, Scientific Chairpersons Dr Parul Kotdawala and Dr Haresh Doshi and the entire organizing Committee of AICOG, Past Presidents of FOGSI, All dignitaries on and off the dais, my fellow FOGSIANS, our pharma colleagues, my dear family, ladies and gentlemen.

I stand before you today with my hands folded, my head bowed down and with humility and respect, accept the responsibility of taking over the reins of this great organization, FOGSI, as its 61st President.

I believe whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.

Today is a landmark day for me in the long journey which started with my joining FOGSI in 1988 and actively working for it ever since- as a member, chairperson, vice president and now its president. It is also the beginning of the phase for which I have prepared extensively, worked tirelessly and made plans with enthusiasm, passion and excitement. FOGSI is a melting pot- a mix of diverse individuals, cultures, ideas, thoughts, all coming together for one common goal, the wellbeing of the women of India.

I remember today my parents, my brother and my in- laws, who I am sure, are watching me from above with pride.

In this journey there are two people to whom I owe everything, My husband Dr. Hrishikesh Pai who ‘cradle snatched’ me while I was an intern and has held my hand ever since – guiding me, supporting me at every step, being my biggest critic and my greatest strength. Thank you Hrishikesh. My sister Poonam Dhillon, who has been not only the best sister in the world, but also like a mother and a best friend from ever since I can remember. She is responsible largely for everything that that I am today.

My children Anvisha and Arnav and my family who have always encouraged me and are my heart and soul.

My deepest gratitude to my teachers, my first boss during my residency – Dr. Ajit Virkud who encouraged me from day one, My M.D. guide Dr. Shirish Seth one of the most admired and respected FOGSI and FIGO Presidents, Dr. Usha Krishna who continues to amaze me even today with her great energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

I really look up to and seek blessings from Dr. Sanjay Gupte who was my President, when I was Vice President. Dr. C N Purandare FIGO President, My dear Dr. Alka Kriplani outgoing president and many past presidents of FOGSI – Dr Prakash Trivedi, Dr Suchitra Pandit, Dr Hema Diwakar, Dr P K Shah, Dr. P C Mahapatra, Dr Narendra Malhotra , Dr. Pankaj Desai, Dr Duru Shah who have made fantastic contributions to FOGSI.

I am blessed to be guided, inspired and helped by many stalwarts such as our past secretary general Dr Nozer Sheriar and dear FOGSI friends who are more like family. My team 2017 is a wonderful, committed team of hard working talented FOGSIANS, Vice Presidents – Dr. Sunita Tandulwadkar, Dr. Bhaskar Pal, Dr. Rajesh Modi, Dr. M G Hiremath and Dr. Ranjana Khanna.

FOGSI Office Bearers, Team ICOG Dr Krishnendu Gupta, Dr. C N Purandare, Dr. Mala Arora (Chairperson Elect), Dr S. Shantakumari . I welcome the ever energetic and hard working President Elect – Dr. Jaideep Malhotra and look forward to working with her in the near future. My Jt. Secretary- Dr. Sarita Bhalerao and National Convener Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, All of us will be working together closely as ‘each one of us can make a difference but together we can make change’.

A very special thank you to the Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynaecological society, which has been my parent body and my entire MOGS family who has been a source of encouragement and motivation for me for over 28 years. A big thank you also to the FOGSI staff who are super efficient and extremely helpful.

My theme for the year is ‘She Matters’. Care, Educate, and Transform because woman is at the core of it all. She has all the essentials of life within her. She is important because she can create and nurture and bring about transformation and if we care for our women and educate them, we can definitely transform our country and the world.


FOGSI has many roles to play; it is a multifaceted organization working at many levels – academic, fellowship, liasoning with the government and NGO’s, membership and community service.

Academically, we have a busy, bright and brilliant year ahead for you. There are meaningful, well planned large conferences being organized, starting with this AICOG in Ahmedabad. This is a fantastic huge academic event and I wish them all the best and congratulate the organizing team for putting together such a grand show. We start our year with a unique Youth Summit where hundreds of youngsters will get together and share ideas, get informed, learn and teach and help towards building a healthier India. There are several events in collaboration with specialized bodies such as Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists (IAGE) and International organizations like RCOG, FIGO, AOFOG and European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopists (ESGE). During the ‘Building A Healthy Nation… Call to Action Summit , in New Delhi, we will bring together the government and NGOs and strategize towards making a difference in women’s healthcare across the country.

The YUVA FOGSI conferences are being held in Lucknow, Trissur, Navi Mumbai and Guwahati.

Specialized conferences of Infertility, Urogynaecology, Critical care, Endoscopy, Oncology, RPL are planned.

MonthDateName of EventPlaceContact Person Details
January24th – 29th60th AICOGAhmedabadDipesh Dholakia, Pragnesh Shah, M C Patel, Alpesh Gandhi, Atul Munshi, C B Nagori, Parul Kotdawala, Haresh Doshi
February1st, 2ndFOGSI – MOGS Youth SummitMumbaiSuchitra Pandit, Nandita Palshetkar, Sudha Tandon, Priti Vyas
February17th-19thSAGE -2017 (IAGE,
FOGSI , ESGE conference)
MumbaiRajendra Sankpal, Rudy De Leon Wilde,Rishma Pai, Rajendra Saraogi
March3rd-5thEndogyn 2017
KolkataRishma Pai, Rajendra Sankpal, Arup Kumar Majhi, Bhaskar Pal
March10thFOGSI core committee meetingMumbaiRishma Pai, Hrishikesh Pai, Jaydeep Tank
April5thBuilding A Healthy
Nation… Call to Action Summit
New DelhiRishma Pai , Hema Divaker, Hrishikesh Pai
April15th-16thFOGSI Managing
BangaloreChandrika Muralidhar, Shilpa G B, Sheela C N, Thejavathy, Sheela Mane
April28th-30thYUVA FOGSI- North ZoneLucknowChandravati, Indu Tandon, Priti Kumar, Urmila Singh. VP Incharge: Ranjana Khanna
May13th-14thNational Conference on Practical Obstetrics and
Advanced Infertility
HubliM G Hiremath, Shobha
Bembalagi, Kasturi Donimath
June3rd -4thYUVA FOGSI- West ZoneNavi MumbaiSucheta Kinjawadekar, Anu Vij, Mini Nampoothiri, Rahul Wani, VP Incharge:
Sunita Tandulwadkar, Rajesh Modi
July21st-23rdYUVA FOGSI- South ZoneThrissurK. Ambujam, Betsy Thomas,Dr. Neetha, V P
Incharge : M G Hiremath
June29thFOGSI – RCOG
LondonProf Lesley Regan, Rishma Pai-Prof Arulkumaran, Prof Hani Fawzi, Prof Alison Wright and Kim Dawson, Hrishikesh Pai, Jaydeep Tank, Ameet Patki
August4th -6thFOGSI FIGOHyderabadC N Purandare , S. Shanthakumari, Rishma Pai,
Hrishikesh Pai
August12th -13thInternational FOGSI
Gynae Oncology
CuttackBhagyalakshmi Nayak, Neerja Batla, S K Giri,
Janmayeya Mohapatra
August19th – 20thBOH-The TriologyDelhiRanjana Khanna , Mala Arora, Shakuntala Kumar, Amita Tripathy
September2nd -3rdAICC RCOG 2017 in assoc
with FOGSI and MOGS
MumbaiAmeet Patki, Rishma Pai, Vanita Raut, Hrishikesh Pai, Shantala Vadeyar, Jaydeep Tank
September7th -10thThe Hysterectomy
NagpurRajesh Modi
September15th – 16thFOGSI core committee
MumbaiRishma Pai, Hrishikesh Pai,
September16th -17thFOGSI Managing
MumbaiRishma Pai ,Hrishikesh Pai, Jaydeep Tank, Vanita Raut
September22nd-23rd4th World Congress of Ian Donald School for
Ultrasound, Human
Reproduction & Perinatal
DubaiNarendra Malhotra, Ashok Khurana, Jaideep Malhotra, Sonal Panchal, Raj Menon, Shivkumar Menon
September23rd – 24thCritical Care for Obstetrics –FOGSI – ICOG ConferenceIndoreMala Arora, Asha Baxi, Kawita Bapat, Archana Baser
October6th, 7th & 8thCritical care in ObstetricsPatnaAbha Rani Sinha, Alpesh Gandhi
November3rd, 4th, 5thYUVA FOGSI- East ZoneGuwahatiRatna Kr Talukder, Gitanjali Deka,Hemanga Talukder, Apurba Das, Radha Rasmi
Barua , V P in Charge : Bhaskar Pal
November17th -19thFEMM – Fertility,
Management and More
MumbaiRishma Pai, Vanita Raut, Nandita
Palshetkar,Hrishikesh Pai, Jaydeep Tank, Suvarna Khadilkar
December2nd -3rdWhy fetus die in the uteroKolkataD K Dutta
December8th -10thUrogynaecologyAhmedabadVineet Mishra
  Satellite Conference  

The FOGSI Journal has been doing extremely well and under the new Editorship of Dr. C. V. Hegde, It is bound to rise to greater heights.

I am extremely excited about the YES programmes (Youth Education and Service) overseen by Dr Ashwini Bhalerao -Gandhi , where we will be carrying out interactive sessions on health and nutrition across 150 schools all over the country. We have a beautiful video message for the children by the legendry, Asha Bhosle and actress Poonam Dhillon which will be inspirational for them.

The GREAT (Gyanecology Research, Education, Advances and Treatment) Workshops will be held in almost every FOGSI Society. These are practical workshops on Infertility, PPH, Low birth weight baby, first trimester, PCOS and Abnormal uterine bleeding,

Research, Education, Advances and Treatment
1.InfertilitySunitaTandulwadkarMadhuri Patel, Sujata KarEmcure, Sun
2.Post Partum HemorrhageMahesh Gupta,
Sheela Mane
3.Managing the pregnancy with Low
birth weight baby
Ritu JoshiMala Arora, Anita Soni, Parikshit TankSun Spectra
4.Polycystic ovarian syndrome.Pratik Tambe Sun Inca,
5.1st trimesterBhaskar PalMahua Bhattacharya, Pratik Tambe, Ashwath
Kumar, Alok Sharma
6.Abnormal Uterine BleedingDr. Sudha TandonFehmida Banu, Jyoti MishraBayer

Pratishruti-Fogsi Figo MSD Programme which is a promise to eliminate HPV related Cancers. This programme involves training of trainers and capacity building to teach all gynaecologists across the country, the latest updates on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancers.

The very popular FORCE Post Graduate training programmes will be continued this year. They play an important role in imparting latest information and education to our post graduate students.

The 3D laparoscopy workshops held in PVR theaters, are a visual delight and a fantastic learning opportunity.

The FOGSI FOCUS are subject focused publications which our members look forward to and we will be bringing out many of them on subjects of interest to our gynaecologists.

1.Postpartum care- Our continued responsibilityRishma Pai, Sarita Bhalerao, Geeta Balsarkar
2.Infections in Obstetrics & Gynaecology – They are EverywhereBhaskar Pal, Reena Wani
3.Will anyone remain infertile? Advanced Infertility ManagementNandita Palshetkar
4.Latest & the best – New Techniques in GynaecologySunita Tandulwadkar
5.Urinary Tract InfectionsVineet Mishra
6.Menopause – Handle with careH.P. Pattnaik, Suvana Khadilkar
7.Recurrent pregnancy lossParikshit Tank, Fessy Louis, Alok Sharma
8.Preterm Birth 



In order to constantly interact with fellow FOGSIANS, I will be bringing out two new publications this year. “FOGSI Connect’ our quarterly newsletter will keep members informed about all the past and present activities and will have the latest scientific articles. These are being edited by Dr Sunita Tandulwadkar, Dr Roza Olayi, Dr Vidya Pancholia and Dr Bhaskar Pal. ‘Reaching Out’- the Presidents Newsletter ,will be like a conversation that I would like to have with all 34,000 members and this will be a quarterly publication too.


In the words of Susan Jeffries, if you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’

In the internet era, we have to keep abreast and so we are launching the GREAT APP, where all the FOCSI FOCUSES, latest guidelines etc will be uploaded as will be many power point presentations on important subjects.

FOGSI will partner with Docplexus to spread awareness about health care of women, and disseminate knowledge and encourage interaction amongst our wide network of gyanecologists.

Once a month a 10- Minutes survey on subjects of importance to practicing gynaecologist will be conducted, to understand trends, commonly followed protocols and preferences.

There will a new quiz on the website every month with attractive prizes. This will keep interest in the website alive.

For the first time, a Youth Wing for FOGSI called “FOGSI Future’ is being launched. This will comprise many young upcoming future leaders of FOGSI. For the first time a new publication called ‘Fogsi Future ‘ on the subject of New drugs in Obstetrics and Gynaecology’ will be released written by these young gynaecologists.

Youth are the builders of the new India and in order to encourage and recognize brilliant and gifted young fogsians, we are instituting for the first time two new awards to be given at each Yuva Fogsi this year. Fogsi strongly believes in women empowerment hence at each of these 4 Yuva conferences, three women achievers from that zone will be honored and recognized.

We will be having a quiz on our website each month with attractive prizes to encourage more Fogsians to visit our website regularly. A monthly survey is being initiated with a view to understand trends and practices amongst the gynaecologists of India.

FOGSIANS are brilliant, talented and expert multi taskers. For the first time we will be conducting a FOGSI has Talent search across the country for gynaecologists with extraordinary talent in any extracurricular area-singing, dancing, music etc.

I am a proud FOGSIAN and I am sure most of our members feel the same way. For the first time we will be sending each one of our 33,300 members a beautiful certificate to adorn their walls proudly proclaiming them as FOGSI members.


FOGSI is a powerful brand and we want it to be known to all over the world, so we have made a befitting slogan for FOGSI. ‘Medical Excellence – Compassionate Care’.

Also for the first time we have put together a FOGSI promotional video which showcases our vision and mission and all the amazing work that we do. A jingle for FOGSI has been created which will be played at all FOGSI events and will create enthusiasm amongst the Fogsians to go ahead hand in hand and do good for the women of India.

I have arranged for many FOGSI Leaders, society presidents to come on national TV for giving social and welfare messages, this will improve the image and visibility of our gynaecologists. These 120 seconds per doctor, in local languages will help us reach out to many unreached women.

Our important core activities of PC PNDT,, Violence against Women , Violence against Doctors, Youth Cell , ART Bill 2014 Regulation which are all of crucial importance to us continue to be worked upon actively.

‘With the privilege of doing well comes the opportunity of doing good’. We all are so privileged and blessed and I strongly believe that we must give back. FOGSI will be utilizing a sum of Rs. 30,00,000/- for doing women welfare activities ,all of which will be well documented, photographed and presented to the government and charity commissioner.

FOGSI is partnering with the government for the ‘Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan (PMSMA) where we all will see antenatal patients free of cost on the 9th of each month. If we can dedicate Just 12 days in a year for looking after the poor pregnant women of our country, our maternal and perinatal mortality will come down greatly.

Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan

FOGSI will be partnering with the Indian Medical Association on numerous issues as such as community service , Pcpndt , Clinical establishment act , role of ayush doctors etc . FOGSI IMA Stree Swastya Abhiyan is being launched with a view to having a large group of committed doctors working along with the government to make a significant improvement in the health of the women of our country. We will
be conducting free camps across the country.

FOGSI is collaborating with the Indian academy of Pediatricians and launching the ‘MAMTA FOGSI TV Project’ to educate women on maternal and child health via closed TV network installed in the gynaecologists waiting rooms. This service will be free including the TV screens, maintenance and content. We hope to cover thousands of clinics across India to ensure that the waiting time of patients is meaningfully utilized.

The FOGSI JPEIGO NABHCertification and quality accreditation programme is going to the national level in FOGSI by setting up a National Quality Management unit linked to the FOGSI Office. This joint certification system will significantly improve the quality of care provided to our patients.

The helping 1,00,000 babies survive and thrive project along with the American academy of pediatrics, USAID, UNICEF, National Health Mission, IAP, etc, we will improve training and quality of care to the neonates. This project will support government of India’s goal of reduction of NMR and SBR to single digits by 2030.

As the burden of HIV and its transmission to the neonate is high, FOGSI and SAATHI are collaborating to try to eliminate this.

FOGSI and SAATHII are collaborating towards training and mentoring of private providers on FOGSI Clinical Standards and Supporting health facilities to improve quality of care.

FOGSI-MYLAN Partnership will ensure access to modern contraceptive solutions for safer maternity and wellbeing of women in India.

The FOGSI Rotary ‘Calmed” Project is a collaborative effort in lowering maternity deaths with training in public awareness, advocacy and monitoring. The pilot project has started in some districts of Karnataka, Goa and South Maharashtra.

Fogsi is collaborating with Sankalp India Foundation to campaign for Thalassemia-free-India.

The 27 FOGSI committees headed by the Chairperson, each with special and significant duties are the backbone of FOGSI and we have an excellent team of dedicated workers this year. We are sure to see excellent academic and social work being done by them in 2017.

We have an absolutely full calendar this year with lots of academics, fellowship and social work. My main focus however, is to really give back to society and in doing so improve ourselves, our image and society and the country as well.

At the end, I want to say that my aim in life is not just to survive, but to thrive and to live life fully with passion, compassion, humility, laughter and style.



Dr. Rishma Dhillon Pai
Imm. Past President, FOGSI – 2017