FOGSI is happy to announce a monthly quiz for all its members by the quiz master – Dr Punit Bhojani an initiative by the President of FOGSI, Dr. Rishma Pai, Deputy Secretary General of FOGSI Dr. Jaydeep Tank & Quiz Committee Chairperson, Dr. Abha Rani Sinha. The Quiz will be made live on the website on 5th of every month & will be open for 3 days.Please mail your answers with your contact details (Mobile Number, Complete Address, Email Id & Name as it should be on the Cheque) to within 3 days of the quiz going live.

The subject of the email should be “FOGSI APRIL 2017 QUIZ”


  1. 3 Cash prizes per quiz (Academic Grants  Zuventus Healthcare, makers of Feronia XT).
  2. The first correct answer will get  Rs. 5000, the 2nd will get Rs 3000  and 3rd  will get Rs 2000.
  3. The correct answer with the names of the winners will be displayed on the website before the next quiz.
  4. Decision of the quiz master is final.


Question 1: Identify the deformity & in which condition is it seen?


Question 2: 17 year old girl was brought with primary amenorrhoea. Her mother mentioned that she started developing breast at the age of 12. She was prescribed OCPs few years back by a doctor with no effect. On examination breast was well developed (Tanner’s stage 5) and pubic hair was minimal (Tanner’s stage 1). What is the diagnosis ?
  1. Androgen insensitivity syndrome
  2. Turner syndrome
  3. Mullerian agenesis
  4. Kallman Syndrome

Last Date for Submitting Answer is 8th April

Dr. Rishma Pai
President FOGSI
Dr. Jaydeep Tank
Deputy Secretary General
Dr. Abha Rani Sinha
FOGSI Quiz Committee Chairperson
Dr. Punit Bhojani
Member of Managing Council M.O.G.S