Dr. Sanjay Gupte

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President, FOGSI The FOGSI website has become an extremely important portal for all of us to be able to be connected to the organization and to each other. Today FOGSI is a large organization with over 25,505 members all over the country. We are the largest professional body in the world therefore it has become mandatory… Read more »

IUCD & Medical Abortion Survey

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FOGSI PSI Women’s Health Project – PEHEL Dr. Ritu Joshi Chaiperson, Family Welfare Committee, FOGSI Dr. Kiran Kirtkotti Chaiperson, MTP Committee, FOGSI With a commitment to reduce maternal deaths by preventing unintended pregnancy the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and Population Services International (PSI), an international NGO entered into a partnership… Read more »

Maternal Mortality in India

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Dear Colleague, One of the important FOGSI activity initiated by our President, DR. Sanjai Gupte is to conduct the Maternal Mortality Survey of our Country through our members and with your support and contribution we can achieve  this major task. Kindly spare a few minutes from your busy schedule and complete the appended datasheet summarizing… Read more »

The National Eclampsia Registry

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“Reaching the unreached – A FOGSI-ICOG initiative” The project is aimed at understanding the prevalence of “eclampsia”- pregnancy induced hypertension among women in India. “This condition makes the woman morbid and may also kill her. It is definitely preventable, but we need to know the prevalence of this condition so that we can go for… Read more »

Birth Defect Registry

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Dr. Narendra Malhotra Agra Past President, FOGSI E-mail : mailto:mnmhagra3@gmail.com Birth Defect Registry When did it start , with basic information : Birth Defects Registry Of India is a part of Fetal Care Research Foundation which is a not for profit charity trust started in the year 1993 with the idea of providing Preventive Supportive… Read more »