Our Window to the World

‘Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.’ Demosthenes

The FOGSI Website was first launched in 1999. The website was initially managed by the newly formulated Website Committee. After five years the Managing Council recognising the importance of the website decided to make website management a FOGSI Office function. The management responsibility is now centralized and shifted to FOGSI Office with the Deputy Secretary General being assigned supervisory responsibility.

The website has evolved over the last decade and is now at a critical juncture. It is now upgraded to a portal to create a dynamic interface for FOGSI, planned to be a comprehensive information bank, communication channel and an academic and professional resource creating a presence for FOGSI in cyberspace worthy of a professional organization with FOGSI’s size and influence.

The strength of the website is that it carries the increasingly valued FOGSI brand with automatic potential access to over 43,011 FOGSI member netizens. Besides this being the official website of one of the largest speciality medical organizations carries with it the credibility of professional organization association.

The FOGSI Website now has an upgraded configuration of 6 GB and has undergone a major revamping to make the site more user friendly. This humongous task of total revamping is undertaken by Dr Suvarna Khadilkar, deputy secretary general, and in charge of IT initiatives in 2021.   The FOGSI Website was first made in dynamic format, in 2010 with Dr. Nozer Sheriar as Website Coordinator.  It has undergone changes from time to time under the guidance of Dr Hrishikesh pai, Dr Jaydeep tank and Dr Madhuri Patel.

Considering the huge traffic on the website and huge number of posts to be uploaded daily, first time the streamlining has been done. Keeping in mind different needs of different visitors, separate tabs have been created on home page for the easy navigation. Posts and uploads are classified into separate tabs as FOGSI activities, Publications, Public awareness, membership and post graduates. All the older relevant important posts have been moved to archives section and are arranged year wise. 

The acknowledged aims and objects of the FOGSI Website are to provide a contemporary channel for engagement and involvement  with FOGSI’s  membership, to increase transparency and encourage understanding of FOGSI’s structure and function, to provide a medium by which members can actively access and update academic knowledge and clinical skills on subjects relevant to contemporary practice,  to advocate FOGSI’s positions on women’s health issues and reproductive health and rights and to document and share information about FOGSI’s activities, contributions and achievements.

The Website Management Committee has been formulated to take responsibility for editorial content, recommending and monitoring compliance with the recently adopted Website Guidelines and day to day management issues.

The FOGSI Website is open to all and requires registration only to profile visitors and to use this to update FOGSI records and drive future developments. A website exists to be accessed and creating a dedicated community of visitors along with other casual drop by visitors is vital to popularity and success.

FOGSI website has a complete section on Public awareness and a link to a separate website (www.narikaa.com) hosting blogs and videos for public awareness which will act as a professional advisory website with information on obstetric and gynaecological conditions and procedures.

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