IGCS Young Doctors’ Summit

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IGCS Young Doctors’ Summit Nominations Requested for IGCS Young Doctors’ Summit (YDS) IGCS President Shingo Fujii has expressed a strong interest in supporting young physicians during the 14th Biennial IGCS Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, 13-16 October 2012. He has promoted the development of a full-day “Young Doctors’ Summit” to encourage peer networking, presentations, and social… Read more »

Doctors opposing sex selected termination of pregnancy (DOSST)

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Aim: Formation of one DOSST cell per society To spread awareness about PNDT act among members doing USG. To spread awareness about ill effects of female sex selection techniques and female feticide in general public. Create a media image of FOGSI being strongly condemning the female sex selection techniques and female feticide. To be a… Read more »