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Genetics and Fetal Medicine Committee Activity- October 22- Jan 23

The Genetics and Fetal Medicine Committee, FOGSI organized its first CME on Fetal Growth Restriction on Tuesday, 13th December 2022. This was an online webinar under the able guidance of President FOGSI, Dr Hrishikesh Pai, Dr Madhuri Patel, Secretary General FOGSI and Dr Geetendra Sharma, Vice president In charge FOGSI. Dr H D Pai was the chief Guest with Dr Madhuri Patel, Dr Geetendra Sharma, Dr Sanjay Gupte and Dr PK Shah as the Guests of Honour.

The first session had interesting talks on various aspects of Fetal Growth Restriction. The first talk was on Growth in the concepts of Growth Restriction by Dr Chinmayee Ratha. This was followed by talks on Predicting FGR by Dr Seetha Ramamurthy Pal, Genetics in FGR by Dr Vandana Chhadda and Critical decisions in FGR by Dr Aparna Sharma. The session was chaired by stalwarts in the field of Fetal Medicine, Prof S Suresh, Prof Kushagradhi Ghosh and Dr Laxmi Shrikhande, Chair ICOG.

The next session was a very interactive panel on case scenarios and this was moderated by Dr Vandana Bansal with an expert group of panelists, Dr Chandrakant Garg, Dr Malathy Prasad, Dr Shruti Jain, Dr Sangeeta Yadav, Dr Debasmita Mondal and Dr Sachin Nichite. The programe was coordinated by Dr Megha Kamlapurkar and Clirnet was the Academic partner. There was a total of over 300 registrations. An interactive and interesting webinar with many important and practical take home messages to update our knowledge and help us in our clinical practice.



Dr Seetha Ramamurthy Pal
Consultant Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine, Apollo Multi-speciality Hospitals, Kolkata
Chair, Genetics and Fetal Medicine committee, FOGSI

Karyashala workshop in Kolkata

‘EVOLVE’ Karyashala workshop was held in Kolkata on the 29th January 2023. This was a physical workshop conducted by the Genetics and Fetal Medicine Committee with the International Academic Exchange Committee with Dr Pratibha Singh as the chair and Medical Disorders in Pregnancy Committee  with Dr Manoj Chellani as the chair. This was held in association with the Bengal Obstetrics and Gynecological society. It was a 4 hour programme and topics like PPH, Diabetes Mellitus, Abnormal Uterine bleeding and Preterm Labour were discussed. It was a very successful programme with over 80 delegates participating in the event. The programme was ably supported by our Academic partner Alembic

Dr Bela Bhatt: Chairperson FOGSI Imaging Science Committee(21-25)
Immediate Past Chairperson ISC: Dr Meenu Agarwal
VP Incharge: Dr Geetendra Sharma

Various Activities from 22/10/22 till 31/1/23

  1. Panelist in Panel on Modern Management of Diabetes, Hypertension & Cardiac Disorders at FEMTECH 1, Mumbai moderated by Dr Ameya Purandare, Dr Parikshit Tank
  2. 13/11/22: Imaging Science Committee webinar :on basics of Genetics for obstetricians , very well with 257 registrations from all over India with lots of interaction
  3. West zone Yuva FOGSI conference at Ranthambore on 18/11/22 : Delivered 2 talks in Fetal Medicine Workshop:
    1. Counselling for common anomalies
    2. Doppler in First Trimester
  4. Imaging Science Committee CME with Jabalpur OG Society on FGR on 18/12/22 : D
    Talk : Dating of Pregnancy & Diagnosis of FGR
    Moderated a panel with Dr Bijoy Balakrishnan.: Case based discussion on FGR
    This was followed by Badlav activity with all the members of JOGS. It was attended by 65 members.
  5. Talk on ‘Soft Markers in 2nd Trimester’ in the Imaging Workshop on 4/1/23 at AICOG Kolkata
  6. Panelist at in the Panel on `Aneuploidy Screening’ on 7/1/23 at AICOG Kolkata
  7. Faculty at Hands on training on Ultrasound Simulators from 9.00am to 6.00pm along with Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan, Dr Anita Kaul on 6/1/23 at AICOG Kolkata
  8. Convener of FOGSI Presidential Conference (Karyashala) at Mumbai on 29/1/23 along with co-conveners Dr Charulata Bapaye & Dr Supriya Jaiswal.
     (Sending separate report of this Karyashala CME at MumbaI)
  9. Completed  Physical visit of 5 centers for FOGSI recognised Ultrasound Training Centre
    Jaipur : Dr Chandrkant Garg : 17/11/22
    Ahmedabad : Dr Vineet Mishra ,IKD : 13/12/22
    Kolkata : Dr Seetha Pal : 4/1/23 ; Dr Pradipkumar: 7/1/23 ; Dr Kushagradhi Gosh: 7/1/23

Training Activities: Hands on training on Ultrasound Simulators from 9.00am to 6.00pm along with Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan, Dr Anita Kaul on 6/1/23 at AICOG Kolkata

Work going on a book of Imaging Science Committee & GCPR on Placenta Previa & Placenta Accreta Spectrum

Conducted Physical CME on 29/1/23 in Mumbai, Presidential CME in association with Study of Female Breast Committee & Adolescent Committee.

FOGSI Presidential CME (Karyashala) in association with MOGS  

Date and time

Hotel Courtyard by Marriot ,Andheri East,Mumbai
8.00am -2.00pm
Conveners Dr Bela Bhatt : Chairperson FOGSI Imaging Science Committee
Dr Charulata Bapaye : Chairperson Study of Female Breast Committee
Dr Supriya Jaiswal : Chairperson Adolescent Health Committee
MOC Dr Parzan Mistry , Dr Shruti Thar
Educational grants from  Alembic Pharma
Session 1: Chairpersons: Dr Saraogi , Dr Urmila Sureka, Dr Minaxi Nagvekar
Anaemia in Pregnancy Dr Rohan Palshetkar
Management of PPH Dr Komal Chavan
Prediction & Prevention of Preterm Labour Dr Ameya Purandare
Session 2 Chairpersons:Dr Rajkumar Shah, Dr Rupali Dharwadkar, Dr Jyotsna Patel, Dr Priti Vyas
Adolescent Sexuality  Dr Supriya Jaiswal
Adolescent AUB  Dr Parag Biniwale
PCOS in Adolescents  Dr Sujata Dalvi   
Lighting of Lamp with address by FOGSI President Dr Hrishikesh Pai, Secretary General Dr Madhuri Patel  & MOGS President Dr Niranjan Chavan  
Session 3 Chairpersons : Dr Dhrupti Dedhia, Dr Deepali Saboo, Dr Suruchi Desai
Non-immune Hydrops Fetalis : Changing Scenario  Dr Bela Bhatt
Evolving Structural Abnormalities Dr Pooja Vazirani
Fetal Therapeutic Interventions Dr Priya Deshpande
Session 4 Chairpersons: Dr Rajkumar Shah, Dr Siddesh Iyer
Breastfeeding : Mothers with special needs Dr Madhuri Patel
Panel : Breast Dialogues  
Moderators:  DrSneha Bhuyar,
Dr Charulata Bapaye
Expert:         Dr P.K.Shah
Dr Ameya Purandare
Dr Pradnya Changede
Dr Priya Vora
Dr Karishma Kirti
Dr Rashmi Parikh
Total attendance 80
Highlights of the programme Superb academics appreciated by each & every delegate..
Presence of FOGSI President Dr Hrishikesh Pai , Secretary General Dr Madhuri Patel & MOGS President Dr Niranjan Chavan was like icing on the cake!
  1. Name of Committee Chair : Dr. Neharika Malhotra
  2. Composition of the Committee
    • Chair : Dr. Neharika Malhotra
    • Chair : Dr. Neharika Malhotra
    • Immediate Past Chair : Dr Vinita Singh
    • Vice President in Charge: Dr Basab Mukherjee
    • Advisors : List Attached
    • Members :  List Attached
  3. Advocacy : List Attached
  4. Training Activities
    • YTP-Cooper Surgical IUI Workshop in In SARG Conference
    • YTP Genetics Workshop in InSARG Conference
    • YTP – META Live Handson Hyst-Lap Workshop
    • MEDHA-FOGSI PG Training Programme
    • YTP CMEs at Agra on
      • Preterm Labour
      • Use of Dydrogesterone in Pregnancy
      • Prebiotics & Probiotics
      • Role of Infertility
      • Dental Care in Pregnancy
    • YTP CME at Bhagalpur
    • YTP CME on Anamia at Agra
    • Workshop on MHH sensitization in girls with special needs, Bareilly
    • YTP Masterclass on Role of Anamia in Pregnancy
    • YTP FOGSI Presidential Workshop “Karyashala” at Noida
  5. Involvement in Research
    • Book on New Molecules, Equipment and Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • FOGSI’s Update in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Vol 2
    • YTP Annual Newsletter 2022-23
  6. Coordination with other committees / bodies: ISPAT, InSARG, ISOPARB, UPIAGE, ORDI, SMDHM, ISAR, Imumz, META, SMRITI NGO, Rotary Club of Agra Taj City & Grace, Abhivira, Society of Fetal Medicine, IHRO, Lions Club Agra, Round Table Agra, Satyamev Jayate Foundation.

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    And more than 110 FOGSI Societies.

  7. Social Events: List Attached

Committee Activities 2022