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Dr. Nargesh Motashaw
(Who promoted endoscopic surgery in India)

Rohit Bhatt
Chief. Dept. Obst. Gynec

Bhailal Amin General Hospital. Baroda
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Dr. Nargesh Motashaw

Nargesh Motashaw was born in Mumbai on 9th, May, 1925 in a well known noble family. Her father was a high ranking railway official. Her two brothers were well known doctors. This prompted Nargesh to take to medical career.

Nargesh had her school and college education in Mumbai. She took her MBBS degree from GS Medical College in 1948 and MD in 1951.She took the Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons in 1953. She was awarded Hon. Fellowship of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of UK in 2000

Nargesh worked in Nowrosjee Wadia Hospital and KEM Hospital as Professor till she retired in 1983.She worked as consultant in Jaslok Hospital,Hinduja Hospital,Saifee Hospital, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Parsee General Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital. Nargesh received several prizes and awards during her career. She was presented with B.C.Roy National Award in 2005.

Nargesh rightly deserves the credit for promoting endoscopy in India. She was elected as the president of International Association of Gynecological Endoscopists (IAGE).She has travelled world wide to demonstrate her surgical skill or to deliver lectures. Nargesh’s prowess is not restricted to endoscopy only, she is a very neat and methodical surgeon. She skillfully wields the knife with sound knowledge of anatomy. Residents and postgraduates used to Queue up to watch her surgery. She is a very good trainer of surgery. She would personally wash when her resident is operating and guide him /her without loosing patience. She is an excellent teacher. Her lectures and clinics were always well attended. Her method of teaching is very lucid and effective. Most important trait of Nargesh is that she would take the blame if her resident makes a genuine mistake.

Besides her academic excellence, there are other qualities which are impressive. She is a good listener. She would spend lot of time listening to talks by her students and guide them about good presentation.

Nagesh is an excellent host. She would periodically invite her students and colleagues for dinner at her home and participate in lighter jokes. She has very amiable temperament and grace while interacting with people.

She is God fearing and very simple in her life style. She firmly believes in ethical practice. Age has not dampened her zeal and interest. She continues to see her patients even now.

Take home message

  • Always have faith in yourself
  • Sincerity of purpose helps in the long run
  • Be academic but do not be a bookworm
  • Develop other interests in life
  • Be polite in your behavior
  • Love and respect your patients
  • Be ethical in your practice.