Sr. No. Video Title Speaker Name Video Web Link
1 Selected E-Posters Day 1 Dr Anita A, Dr Kamla B, Dr Meenakshi C
2 Lamp Lighting Day 1 FOGSI
3 Spiritual Session and blessings BK Shivani Didi
4 Eating disorders and menstrual abnormalities in adolescents Dr. Pratima Mittal
5 Role of Mindfulness In Adolescence Dr. Preeti Galagali
6 Social Media And The New Normal Dr. Piyali Bhattacharya
7 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Dr. Paritosh Kaul
8 Adolescents and Sexual behaviour (Case Based Discussion) Dr. Girish Mane, Dr. Sampath Kumari
9 Selected E-Posters Day 2 Dr Bhavna A, Dr Divya M, Dr Vinita Y
10 Lamp Lighting Day 2 FOGSI
11 Communication Skills in Adolescence Dr. Kalyan B, Dr. Varsha B, Dr. Mitra S
12 Abortions And Contraception In Adolescents Dr. Jaydeep Tank
13 Adolescents & Junk Food Dr. Basab Mukherjee
14 Counselling in Adolescents Dr. Ajay Mane
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15 Pelvic Masses in Adolescents Dr. Ragini Agrawal, Dr. Jyoti Malik
16 3 Best Papers & Discussion FOGSI
17 Fertility Preservation In Adolescents Dr. Rita Bakshi, Dr. Rohan Palshetkar
18 PCOS in Adolescence Dr. Sneha Bhuyar, Dr. Kiran Aggarwal
19 Inaugural Ceremony- FOGSI Adolescent Health E-Conclave FOGSI
20 Sexuality & Gender Dysphoria Dr. Anagha Jayakar
21 Focusing on Young Girls Health- National Wealth Dr. Swati Bhave
22 Developing Adolescent Friendly Healthcare During Covid 19 Dr. Pierre Andre
23 Neonatology and adolescent health -Is there a connection Dr. Pradeep Raut
24 The Adolescent Revolution Dr. Duru Shah
25 High Risk Behavior in Asia and Africa Amongst Adolescents Dr. Jameela Al Raiby
26 Adolescent Friendly Health Centres Dr. Galina Lesco
27 Sexually Transmitted Diseases In Adolescents Dr. Paritosh Kaul, Dr. Chandan Kachru