This year the theme of the FOGSI – Dr. Usha Krishna Quiz will be “Quality Ethics and Dignity” as decided by the President Dr. Jaideep Malhotra.

The quiz is open to young members of FOGSI who have completed their internship on or after Feb 2010. Each team comprises of two members.

The Zonal rounds will be conducted at the YUVA-FOGSI conferences of the 4 zones. The finals of the quiz will be conducted in Bangalore at the time of AICOG 2019. Winners of the zonal rounds will participate in the national final.

The different rounds will reflect the themes of the YUVA FOGSI conferences.

Rounds on:Surgical Skills
Art and craft of vaginal delivery
Preventive Oncology
Blooming health after 30
FOGSI round

The details of Zonal Co-ordinator is given below :

East ZoneDr Sebanti
North zoneDr Seema Hakimdrseemahakim@gmail.com09410643435
West zoneDr Nilesh Balkawadenileshbap@gmail.com08446206075
South ZoneDr Jyothika


Dr. Jaideep Malhotra
Dr. Jaydeep Tank
Secretary General
Dr Sebanti Goswami
Chairperson Quiz Committee