Sr. No Video Title Speaker Name Video Web Link Event Link
1 Inauguration FOGSI
2 Suture materials & energy sources used in vaginal surgeries Dr. Arun Boruah
3 Why Vaginal route only Dr. Hara Patanaik
4 Preoperative & Postoperative management for Vaginal surgery Dr. Lila Vyas
5 Complications of vaginal surgeries Dr. Manik Gurram
6 Prolapse Surgeries Dr. J. B. Sharma
7 Vault Prolapse Dr. P. M. Gopinath
8 NDVH normal size uterus Dr. V. P. Paily
9 NDVH in bulky uterus and fibroids Dr. Dipesh Dholakiya
10 NDVH in previous LSCS Dr. Vyomesh Shah
11 Vaginal Myomectomy Dr. Kawita Bapat
12 Cystocele repair Dr. Achala Batra
13 SUI repairs Dr. Aparna Hegde
14 Cystoscopy – A gynaecologist should know Dr. Nita Thakre
15 VVF repair- It’s a skill Dr. Abha Singh
16 3rd degree perineal tear: How to Prevent & How to Manage? Dr. Subhash Biswas
17 Bartholin Cystectomy Dr. Anita Singh
18 Leforte: A forgotten procedure Dr. Rajendra Sarogi
19 Vaginal Hysterectomy: How difficult is it Dr. P. C. Mahapatra