Dr. Madhuri Patel

Deputy Secretary General, FOGSI

From the desk of Dr. Madhuri Patel – Deputy Secretary General, FOGSI


There is a resolution in communication technology not going much further, there is a great leap from fixed telephone to mobile phone. From sending telegram to now email. This is simply mind-blowing. This modern connectivity has changed the entire concept of human relationship. With  virtual phone, skype etc. now we are in a position to organised chat, conferences, meetings without physically being present over there.

The web telecasting, web connectivity has tremendously helped the budding surgeon, gynecologist learn the fine techniques from successful senior surgeon operating in same country or different country. This is truly amazing, I distinctly remember when computer was introduced in banking sector, there was a strong move to scrap the proposal.

There was nationwide agitation by the bank employees against the computerization, glorifying the so called negatives. Fortunately, the computerization of banks did happened and the benefit we are choosing in the form of net banking instant money transfer, immediate fraud deduction, the list is endless.

Web literally means a “Net”. The website virtually brings the community in one net, one web. FOGSI has always remained in forefront in accepting and implementing innovative technology.

My past IT coordinators, Dr. Nozer Sheriar, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai and Dr. Jaydeep Tank have contributed immensely in developing this website. I am in regular consultation with them. My focus is not to disturb the areas which are well accepted and appreciated. Areas which require more effort and fine tuning I will try to put it in order.

New technology, new concept, new change if brought to my notice I assure you that it will be definitely observed in our website. FOGSI believes in encouraging young talents. FOGSI builds bridges of opportunities. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

Happy Browsing,

Dr. Madhuri Patel

Deputy Secretary General
Web Co-ordinator,