Dear Colleagues,

I am really privileged to be President of our esteemed Federation, FOGSI of which I have been a member since 1984. Believe me, I cherish every moment of the 30 years of this learning process as FOGSI has given me a platform for interaction with colleagues from all over India   at an academic and personal level.  FOGSI is one of the largest organizations of specialized professionals with over 29,310 members spread in 225 societies. FOGSI is a classical confluence of unity in diversity like the Indian nation.

The phenomenal growth, progress and spectacular achievements of the FOGSI speak volumes of the solid foundation laid as well as the vision, able guidance and leadership provided by the founder members.  With this background I would like to share my vision for FOGSI.  

My theme :  Empower women … Empower India …. Pledge  for  excellence!!  Though women have progressed in a number of spheres yet much more needs to be done. FOGSIANS should work along  with health care policy  makers  to  address  women’s health needs  in  a holistic way starting from conception to senescence  as  Women’s health  is wealth of the Nation.

Maternal mortality is one of the basic health indicators of a society. Our vision 2020 is to have...

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