Dr. S. Shantha Kumari

FOGSI Immediate Past President 2021

From the Desk of President – Dr. S. Shantha Kumari, FOGSI 2021



Distinguished guests Dr. Nageswar Reddy, Dr.Surender Rao, respected seniors, teachers, my dear friends, and Fogsians.

It is an emotional moment today as I stand in front of you as the 60th President of FOGSI, the 20th woman President, and the first Telugu speaking. I feel privileged and humbled to assume the office of President of FOGSI today on 27th June 2021 which has been possible only because of the love and affection of all my 37000 fellow FOGSIans. I extend my regards and wishes to each and every Obstetrician and Gynecologist working towards saving lives and are responsible for reducing the MMR & NMR.

This journey of mine culminating in becoming the FOGSI President is dedicated to Women’s health as a priority and I come with a commitment to work towards minimizing Maternal Morbidity & Mortality and reaching SDG Goals. Friends, I come in front of you with gratitude and humility and a request to work with me for the best of women’s health.

My inspiration is my grandmother Minna- Manageramma as she was called who was a perfect example of an empowered woman, and successfully raised 9 children.

I come from a background of doctors, my father Dr.K. Sekaran , an ENT Surgeon was the state and city President of the ENT AOI Association and my mother Dr.P. Satyavathi, a Gynecologist. Being the eldest daughter of these two successful self-made doctors, my pathway was already made and “I wanted to become something special in life, and make a difference. I always believed that if I desire something wholeheartedly, there is a positive power which makes it happen. My siblings Dr. Jayashree, Mr Arun Kumar and Dr. Anuradha are always with me.

My Husband Mr M.Preetham has been my strength althrough my journey . My son Mr M. Praneeth who is now in US is loving, understanding and constantly motivates me.Gosakan Uncle and Aunty have always blessed me since childhood. My uncle Dr.Pagadala Rajaram a well known OBGYN. Vindhya, Jamuna, Krishna Kumari & Krishnendu have always been my constant supporters , advisors and family.

Dr.Nageshwar Reddy has been an inspiration and Dr. G.S Rao has been motivating and supporting me allthrough.

The Batch 84, Gandhi Medical College was where I started my medical career and my best friends Radhika Gosakan, Padma Bharathi & Sonia Seth have been with me all along.

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

Destiny made me an Obgyn though I became only by chance and not by choice. I was lucky to do my post-graduation from KMC Manipal as my father, a student of Manipal had always spoken highly of the Institute. My FOGSI journey began when as a PG student I was inducted into FOGSI by my teachers, Prof Pratap Kumar, Prof Krishnendu Gupta and Prof Murlidhar Pai who played a big role in mentoring me.

We did a National IAHR conference and I had the good fortune of being a part of the organizing team as an active volunteer. It was in this conference I first met Prof Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran and Dr Motasha. And others appreciated my work and personal attention. I still recollect with pride that Prof Pratap praised me and said “Remember when you help someone, you will get help from others, from somewhere and you will overcome your obstacles”. This Mantra has stayed with me till today and I always say friends do your bit and help will come when you need it.

As I took my first step into FOGSI I told myself that I should be the President of FOGSI one day, never knowing the enormity of my thoughts.

“Believe you can and you are halfway there” -Theodore Roosevelt

It was in these initial days in OGSH that I met my friends, philosophers, guides, mentors Dr. Vindhya, Dr. Jamuna Devi & Dr. Krishna Kumari. I think we had a previous janam connect and whatever I am today is because of the unconditional love and support they gave me. Please don’t presume they listen to whatever I say. Infact it’s the other way round, they always tell me what to do and I follow.

Dr. Indira madam has been my guiding force throughout my journey and a constant support. Dr. Aneel Kaur and Dr. Aruna Rachel nominated me into the OGSH Managing Committee, the stepping stone to FOGSI Presidency. Dr. Balamba, Dr. Mamatha Deenadayal, Padma ravi madam had a positive influence on me. Slowly I gathered the TEAM OGSH together.

When I entered the big world of FOGSI I met Prof. C. N. Purandare. The name Purandare in FOGSI equals Bachchan of Bollywood. My mother always said Purandare’s are the Intelligent Pillars of OBGYN in India. As I got to know CN Sir, my godfather I realized how lucky I was to have him as a guide, mentor, guru, and as an inspiration in my life.

When I entered FOGSI I met some amazing people Dr.Hrishikesh Pai, Dr.Nandita Palshetkar and Dr.Rishma Pai. I was an unknown girl from Hyderabad but by some Divine or Supernatural power we bonded. Few years back Hrishi’s words were, “Shantha! unknowingly you have become Popular, Big and Sucessful in FOGSI“. Thank you Hrishikesh.

Nanditha Palshetkar is everything to me. She is a great friend who will do anything for me anytime.

Narendra and Jaideep Malhotra were/are my pillars of strength and always advise me.

Bhaskar Pal is a close friend. Krishnendu Gupta is not only a friend and family but a critic too. Jaydeep Tank and Madhuri Patel have always been there with their constant support. During the years I served in various positions in OGSH. My first National Conference was Yuva FOGSI South Zone in 2005.

I was elected as the Chairperson of FOGSI – MNNRRC committee, 2008 to 2010. We did many academic and social programs. When I took a tour of HICC and HITEX, I told myself this is a wonderful venue built in Hyderabad and the best place to host AICOG /FIGO .In September 2008 FOGSI MCM when we bid for AICOG 2011 , MCM gave me 80% mandate and I got the AICOG 2011 to Hyderabad. It was a milestone achievement as this AICOG has brought me a lot of goodwill and appreciation by National and International peers.

It was a dream come true, the Mega AICOG 2011.We had 10,000 plus delegates who were awestruck at the grandeur of our venue, hospitality, cuisine, and structure. A bazaar was created where they could shop from sarees to bangles to souvenirs. The congratulatory messages from National and International faculty and delegates were very satisfying. Prof.Benagiano, past FIGO Secretary General instilled his faith in my capabilities to host the FIGO Congress too in Hyderabad.

I was introduced to all FOGSIans of the country as a dynamic organizer who can contribute a lot to the organization. After AICOG 2011 every year I was entrusted with a FOGSI National Conference by all the Presidents of FOGSI. In 2011, I was elected unopposed Vice President. I was the first Telugu Vice President of FOGSI and that made my then combined Andhra Pradesh very proud of me and I remain humbled, and privileged to represent my people on the national platform. As a Vice President when I organized the FOGSI FIGO International Congress. It was a delight and privilege to host all the 3 Past Presidents of FIGO, President Elect & the Future President of FIGO at Hyderabad. “Invest in me, I am the Future” was the theme – and Ms. P.V. Sindhu was our FOGSI Girl child ambassador who went on to become the Olympic Medalist.

My Journey as ICOG Secretary and chairperson from 2015 – 2018 was when we cemented the connections with RCOG & RCPI with Prof C N Purandare as the Dean and also organized ICPHR Congress.

When I became the member of FIGO working group on “No to Violence Against Women” in 2015. I launched DHEERA Campaign – No to VAW in FRC Congress. In 2017 DHEERA continued in FOGSI FIGO conference.

As a FOGSI Office bearer in my FOGSI Journey I have connected with International Colleagues from FIGO, RCOG, RCPI, FLASOG, EBCOG, AOFOG, SAFOG & ACOG and developed very warm and cordial relationships. I was conferred with FRCPI by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and honorary FRCOG by the RCOG

Our beloved Past Presidents have worked through many a challenge with diligence. Our gratitude and respect to Dr. PC Mahapatra, Dr Behram Anklesaria, Dr. Prakash Trivedi, Dr. Pk shah and all others. I only wish to take it forward to newer heights.

Election campaigns are never easy especially with the first online E voting of FOGSI. Campaigns need preparation, courage, understanding and nurturing . I travelled across the country covering more than 150 societies in my FOGSI Bharath Yatra over the years. I was overwhelmed with all the love and affection showered on me by all the societies.

I am specially indebted to the member societies of my two Telugu states, AP and Telangana. They have taken extraordinary pains and took my election as a personal challenge. I thank you all wholeheartedly.


29th August 2019 ,6.30pm – It’s time to celebrate!

I would take this opportunity to thank each one of you; mentors, friends from FOGSI and overseas. It was your love and affection and the confidence you have instilled in me that has made it possible for me to become the President of FOGSI.

I thank all my beloved OGSH family, my members and office staff Sandhya, Rakesh and Raju.

Tirupathi has been my right hand for more than a decade, capable, understanding and supportive.

Winning comes with numerous responsibilities and commitment to FOGSI and my team took shape to take it forward. On Jan 28th 2020, I landed in Lucknow as the President Elect. The welcome was warm and the feeling was special.

Dr. Alpesh Gandhi, President FOGSI 2020-2021, I congratulate you for leading the organization in these difficult Covid pandemic times. You have done the transition from physical to online programs very smoothly and efficiently during your tenure and we look forward to your future guidance.

Thank you, Dr. Jaydeep Tank, for your efficiency and excellence as Secretary General, FOGSI.


As a young adult, I realized that women play a key role in this world, just like MOTHER NATURE or The Shree Shakti, as we revere it. It is considered as a power and a guiding force of all forms of God’s creation. Similarly, only a woman is capable of creating another life. The Stree Shakti is the embodiment of the five elements -the sky, the air, the water, the earth, and the fire. The intimate link between environment and human wellbeing is very well known with increasing awareness on the need for clean water, noise and pollutant free air, and pesticide free food. Preserving nature and its ecology and thereby preserving health is easier than curing disease. So, we have taken up the concept of minimizing female morbidity and mortality, and fetal effects by mitigating the adverse impacts of environment.

My theme this year goes beyond the commitment of FOGSI to Women’s Health Care and envisages FOGSI FOR ALL ALWAYS, DHEERA – STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN – is our FOGSI Theme for 2021-2022

  • FOGSI for Every Mother to reduce Maternal Mortality and Morbidity to
    reach SDG Goal 2030
  • FOGSI FOR ALL FOGSIANS to be able to
    practice Standard protocols with Dignity
    and Safety
  • FOGSI For Every Woman – DHEERA
    initiative to SAY NO TO VIOLENCE

FOGSI FOR ALL ALWAYS will strive for the girl to become Sahasi with Swacchta. Samruddhi, Swasthya to be Surakshit with Shakti to reach her full potential as a woman.

A healthy environment is the core of the health of a woman. A healthy woman makes a happy family and a strong nation.

TEAM FOGSI 2021-2022

Great things are never done by one
person. They are done by a team of people

With immense happiness I would like to introduce my efficient Team 2021-2022.

The strong pillar of FOGSI,
Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, President Elect
Dr. Alpesh Gandhi, Immediate Past

My vice presidents
Ever willing and with a smile
Dr. Archana Verma,

Smart and efficient Dr. Basab Mukherjee,
Mature Dr. Bipin Pandit,
Soft spoken Dr. Fessy Louis,
Savvy Dr. Kawita Bapat.

My efficient and committed office bearers:

Hard working, knowledgeable Dr. Madhuri Patel, Secretary General,
The glamorous and systematic Dr.Suvarna Khadilkar, Deputy Secretary General
Silent and Competent Dr.P ariksit Tank, Treasurer
The young and smart Dr.Niranjan Chavan, Joint Treasurer
Dependable and inclusive, Dr.Aruna Suman, Joint Secretary
FOGSI Reps to FIGO – Dr. Sanjay Gupte,
SAFOG – Dr. Bhaskar Pal,
AOFOG – Dr. Krishnendu Gupta

My Team ICOG:
Dr.Uday Thanawala, Chairperson
Dr.Parag Biniwale, Vice Chairperson
Dr.Ashok Kumar, Secretary

My Team JOGI:
Dr. Geeta Balsarkar, Editor in chief and her team

My National Coordinators
Dr. M. Krishna Kumari – a dear friend and an inspiration
Dr. Jaydeep Tank – Steadfast

CME & Workshop Convenors:
Dr. Bhaskar Pal
Dr. D. Kiranmai

And my beloved FOGSI staff – Ever willing to work and always at your service.

“None of us are as smart as all of us” -Ken Blanchard

We are all amidst an unprecedented Covid Pandemic, which has restricted our physical Conferences CMEs and Work Shops and we are adapting to the new Normal the Virtual platform to reach out to our members and the women of our country. Fortunately we are seeing a steady decline in the numbers and a steady increase in the vaccination of our population. Keeping this in view we have planned virtual programs for a few more months, transitioning into Hybrid events by this year end. All our major conferences are scheduled for 2022. The detailed program for 2022 will be announced in January 2022 AICOG at Indore.

This year we are delighted to start our academic calendar with the Doctor’s Day on July 1 as “Dhanwantri Diwas”. As professionals we should care about others and also ourselves. Covid Pandemic has shown the chinks in our armour. Mental Health, life insurance, professional indemnity and managing finances will be the focus on this day – FOGSI FOR EVERY FOGSIAN.

We are collaborating with WHO on Population Stabilization Day – July 11 on raising awareness of Women’s Sexual and reproductive Health Needs during the pandemic. We are partnering with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GOI, UNFPA, UNICEF, GUTTMACHERS Institute, John Hopkins Institute IPAS and others. We thank Dr Pushpa Chaudhary and Dr. Priya Karna from WHO.

On 22nd July we have the Role of Professional Associations to meet Maternal Health Sustainable SDG GOALS 2030 in
collaboration with MSD for Mothers.

This year we have designed programs where we brought FOGSI Committees together as teams. On July 25th – CEEI
2021 – Controversies in Endoscopy Endometriosis & Infertility.

FOGSI FOR EVERY FOGSIAN: In our stressful routine we need Friends and Fun. FOGSI is synonymous with both!

“Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you.” – MISTY COPELAND. On August 1st, we celebrate FOGSI Friendship Day.

FOGSI believes that Breast feeding is the best for both mother and newborn. August 1st to 7th will be observed as World Breastfeeding Awareness Week culminating with the Program LACTATION 21 in collaboration with UNICEF on 7th August.

“We cannot always build future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future’ Franklin.D. Roosevelt

On International Youth Day on August 12th, we celebrate the potential of youth as partners in our organization and the main stream is young people’s voices, actions and initiatives.

FOGSI-AOFOG-SAFOG – WISDOM 2021 – Blending evidence and experience into practice, a virtual but KEY conference on 20th -22nd August 2021.

FOGSI FOR EVERY MOTHER is our Theme and Vision. On August 29th – in Confluence 2021 – Optimizing Obstetric Outcomes, we are focusing on medical disorders in pregnancy and other obstetric complications, evidence-based protocols for better practices.

Covid has impacted Women’s Health globally. FOGSI and FIGO come together for a global partnership with all the member societies of FIGO on September 3rd & 4th – 2021. All the key issues related to Covid in Pregnancy, vaccination, and gynecology will be dealt.

“A Teacher affects Eternity; we can never tell where his influence stops’ – Henry.B.Adams.

On September 5th – FOGSI Teacher’s Day FOGSI and ICOG our academic wing felicitates FOGSI Teachers and revisit medical education curriculum.

September 7th is the FOGSI Adolescent Health Day for awareness about adolescent health and development issues to dispel various myths and misconceptions regarding nutrition, Sexual and reproductive health, menstruation and mental health.

September 17th is the World Patient Safety Day and the theme chosen by WHO is Respectful Maternity Care. FOGSI AND FIGO advocate RMC a fundamental woman’s right, respecting woman’s beliefs, independence, emotions, dignity and preferences for a good outcome. This aptly fits the part of our Theme FOGSI FOR EVERY MOTHER.

We need to focus and refocus till we eradicate anemia and other deficiency disorders. September 19th – National Nutrition Week comes to you as FOGSI Poshan Abhiyaan as a Flagship program of FOGSI in Collaboration with UNICEF and NIN.

Another Effective Preventive strategy for Maternal Health is Contraception. Covid Pandemic has impacted the access availability and utilization of Family planning services across the country. September 26th on World Contraception Day we discuss relevant strategies .

For us Obstetricians Life of Every Mother and Neonate Counts. Indian Newborn Action Plan of Global Every Newborn Action Plan has committed to end preventable deaths by 2030. We have chalked out an ambitious academic module for Stillbirth Project focusing on reducing Preventable Stillbirth -a FOGSI and WIPRO GE initiative on October 3rd – Stillbirth Day.

After working for 3 months, we need to celebrate!! This we do as Pushpotsav- a floral fest on October 6th – First Day of Bathukamma – celebrated predominantly in Telangana and some parts of AP, where in Goddess Maha Gauri-‘Life Giver’ is worshipped as a beautiful tapestry of floral arrangement in pairs of mother and daughter .Interestingly, it is celebrated for 9 days symbolizing 9 months.

October and November is dedicated to women, women who have walked miles, worked beyond measure, carried children and burdens with equal felicity. Friends I am talking of women who can reach their potential and productivity, women in forties fifties menopause and beyond, if only their health is prioritized. The cancer burden continues to grow globally exerting tremendous physical, emotional and financial strain on individuals, families, communities and health systems. We hope we eradicate Cancer Cervix very soon with the collaborative efforts of each and every FOGSIAN. On October 17th we have World Menopause Day – REVIVE 2021.

October 31st “Do you know me enough?” – FOGSI FETUS DAY program – aiming at A Healthy Fetus to build a Healthy Nation. Cancer Cervix – an Update on 7th November 2021

Covid brought the vaccination issue into sharp focus. We need to kick start vaccination for our pregnant mothers and lactating women, remove vaccine hesitancy. Vaccination is a proven preventive strategy for many dreaded diseases in pregnancy. HPV vaccine is another major strategy for cancer cervix. November 10th on FOGSI Vaccination Day, we come up with Immunization – a strong move towards women’s health.

November 17th – World Prematurity Day – Approximately 1 million children die each year due to complications of preterm birth. Many survivors face a lifetime of disability, including learning disabilities and visual and hearing problems and this is the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5 years globally. November 25th is International day for elimination of VAW and DHEERA, our Flagship Program.

December 1st – World AIDS DAY – HIV is one of the first epidemic challenges that we faced. Virus appropriate behavior and universal precautions were taught by HIV to us. We have come a long way in the battle against HIV. Let’s walk towards HIV FREE INDIA and Break the Taboo on Sexual Health.

December 9th will be Patient Safety Day – FOGSI for All Always – We want to improve the relationship of the patient and the treating doctor with effective communication and quality care. ENDOCRINE OUR LIFELINE – An Orchestra of Hormones – will be the CME entirely focusing on female hormones on December 12th.

December 2021 will hopefully and definitely mark the end of this long-drawn pandemic and usher in a real vibrant beautiful new year 2022. The days have been long, the nights have been tiring, we have been relentlessly fighting on all fronts, yet we have kept the vigil, held the courage, and marched on. Dear Friends mark your calendar, freeze your dates and fasten your seat belts for the GRAND 64TH AICOG INDORE from 9TH TO 13TH January 2022. Quality Within Her Reach is the theme and TEAM FOGSI will spare no effort in making it a memorable event for all.

FOGSI – 2021-22 ICOG Annual Conference will take place on April 23rd and 24th led by an able, knowledgeable TEAM FOGSIICOG.

The thread which binds our theme is Environment and its five elements. The FOGSI Zonal Conferences with Yuva symbolise Earth Water Sky and Air, Fire

1. North Zone (Ludhiana) – Theme: Earth
2. South Zone (Salem) – Theme: Sky
3. East Zone (Ranchi) – Theme: Air
4. West Zone (Jabalpur) – Theme: Water
5. All VPs (Goa) – Theme: Fire

Our aim in Women’s Health is to Minimise Mortality and Morbidity and ensure a good quality of life and longevity. This is our theme in the National Conference on Women’s health 15th to 17th July 2022 at Hyderabad.

Tuberculosis is making a resurgence which still affects many aspects of women’s health and Pregnancy. Tuberculosis –Women’s Health- “Transforming the fight towards Elimination” throws light on important issues.

We need to update ourselves with all the new frontiers in the field. Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing exponentially in various fields and OBGYN is not an exception. Maternal, Infant Health Insights and Cognitive intelligence -MIHIC and reducing maternal and infant mortality and morbidity through early detection will be the highlights in this innovative conference.

We are 258 societies, thousands of members spread across our vast country. There are still many FOGSIANS who are not active for various reasons. Team FOGSI 2021 aims at bridging gaps and making ourselves a cohesive family. A special networking group of FOGSIANS will work towards this – FOGSI for ALL.

Another initiative we are keen to pursue throughout the year is empowering our Paramedics and Health Care workers with the necessary basic skills in Pregnancy Care. FOGSI Naipunya – Skill for ALL is a course being designed for nurses and paramedics by our experts under the able guidance of our VPS.

July 1st FOGSI Doctor’s Day Dhanwantri Diwas
July 11th World Population Day 2021
July 22nd Role of Professional Associations to meet Maternal Health Sustainable
Development Goals 2030
July 25th Controversies In Endoscopy Endometriosis & Infertility – CEEI 2021
August 1st Funference 2021 (FOGSI Friendship Day)
August 7th Lactacon 2021 – WBW 2021
August 12th International Youth Day
August 20th to 22nd Wisdom 2021 FOGSI-AOFOG-SAFOG Conference
August 29th Confluence 2021 Optimising Obstetric Outcome
September 3rd & 4th FOGSI-FIGO 2021 Impact of Covid on Women’s Health Globally
September 5th FOGSI Teacher’s Day
September 7th FOGSI Adolescent Health Day
September 17th Respectful Maternity Care
September 19th National Nutrition Week – FOGSI Poshan Abhiyaan
September 25th – 26th FOGSI MCM Mumbai
September 26th World Contraception Day
October 6th First Day of Bathukamma – Floral Festival Celebrated predominantly in
October 17th FOGSI Menopause Day
October 18th Health Camps for Menopausal Health Screening
October 31st FOGSI FETUS DAY
November 6th Cervical Cancer MUKTH BHARAT
November 7th Cervical Cancer Update
November 10th FOGSI Vaccination Day
November 17th Naipunya Launch
November 21st World Prematurity Day
November 25th DHEERA Program International Day No to VAW -Emcure
November 28th An Obstetric Update
December 5th Stillbirth Day
December 9th Patient Safety Day – FOGSI for All Always
December 12th Orchestra of Hormones – Endocrine our Lifeline
December 17th – 19th FOGSI Conference 2021 Ahmedabad
January 9th FOGSI MCM Indore
January 9th – 13th AICOG 2022 – Indore
February 18th -20th YUVA FOGSI South Zone
March 25th -27th YUVA FOGSI North Zone
April 23rd & 24th ICOG Annual Conference 2022
July 15th – 17th Presidential Conference 2022
September 2nd – 4th YUVA FOGSI East Zone
October 7th – 9th YUVA FOGSI West Zone
TBA Vice President Conference 2022


We visualize strong and fruitful relationship in my presidential year with international bodies – International Federation of Gynaecology and obstetrics (FIGO), The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists’ (RCOG), Royal college of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI), Federation Latin American Societies of Obstetricians and Gynecologists – (FLASOG), Asia and Oceania Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology Congress (AOFOG) & South Asia Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (SAFOG) with whom I have developed a strong bonding over the years. We are pleased to collaborate with international bodies World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, USAID.

As President Elect, in 2019 I was invited to be part of the Global Maternal and Newborn Health Leadership meeting and PPH -Voices from the field to make all the global partners to come together to reduce the Maternal Morbidity and Mortality.

We would be conducting CME’s, workshops and public health programs and exchanging our thoughts and ideas regarding PPH, Respectful abortion care, Respectful maternity care, Menstrual hygiene and Sexual and reproductive health of women.



As a doctor and a woman, myself, I have witnessed closely how widely prevalent violence against women is and what an enormous impact it has on the overall health of women. I chose DHEERA-STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN as one of my themes in my Year as President FOGSI .

I have started with Save the Girlchild campaign at AICOG Jaipur 2009 as my FOGSI Committee MNNRRC program. Then I went on to initiate the campaign of – Invest in me I am the Future in 2013 as the Vice President of FOGSI where we had our Ms P V Sindhu as brand ambassadorat the FOGSI FIGO Congress and she later went on to become the Olympic Champion of our Country. She is a true example of an empowered girl.

“Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation and perhaps the most pervasive”-Kofi Annan. It knows no boundaries of geography, culture or wealth. It is widely prevalent and a root cause of maternal morbidity, reproductive coercion, poor physical, emotional and psychological health of women and what we see is only the tip of the ice berg. Nearly 38% of Indian women face violence in the hands of their partners.

If a woman has a problem, where does she go? Not to the police, lawyer or the court. She approaches her friendly OBGYN who is her first point of contact. Obstetricians and Gynecologists’, are specialized stake holders of women’s health and occupy a unique position. FOGSI, is committed to speak up, focus on and work hand in hand with all the stakeholders on this issue. As the member of FIGO working group on VAW and a Committed FOGSIAN I have initiated a Campaign DHEERA to End Violence against Women VAW in 2016, where we partnered with SHE teams, National Commission for Women to sensitize OBGYNS, Police, Public and partner with men to “Wear orange and say NO to VAW”. We did a CYCLATHON and a public forum. In 2017, bikethon and a flash mob were organized with the theme of Partnering with Men.


I had the opportunity to take DHEERA to FLASOG (Federation Latin American Societies of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) in 2017.The high point of DHEERA was at International FIGO CONGRESS at RIO BRAZIL in 2018. FIGO declaration on NO TO VAW with WHO was signed and all member societies globally pledged support to the cause.

In my Presidential Year, DHEERA adds a new page to reach young boys and girls as an Online Certification Course through structured informative sessions by FOGSI Experts, which will go a long way in sensitizing the future generation to say NO to VAW. We are happy to announce WHO & UNICEF will collaborate with FOGSI for Dheera programs. This will go in a long way to sensitize young minds specially boys on VAW and pave way for a more gender neutral and equal communities. DHEERA focuses on Workshops / CMES for GYNECOLOGISTS- to build capacities and sensitize health care providers/

Respectful Abortion Care – This is an essential care that should be accessible, available & affordable to all the women in India who want to have the contraceptive and abortion services. It’s a Joint FOGSI President and WHO Flagship Initiative 2021-2022 with webinars planned across four zones of FOGSI for dissemination of MTP Amendment 2021.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Strategies by FOGSI in collaboration with FIGO

FOGSI Strives for Elimination of Cervical Cancer by 2030, and HPV Vaccination of 90% girls between 9-14 years. Screening of 70% women twice in a lifetime at 35 & 45 by primary HPV testing by self-sampling/physician sampling and treatment of 90% of precancerous lesions. We plan Public Awareness sessions on HPV vaccination & screening, breast cancer & endometrial cancer screening. Breast Feeding
Awareness week,
August 1st to 7th:

In our Country only 25% of new-borns are put to the breast within one hour of birth and only 46% are exclusively breastfed. Appropriate feeding practices are the key contributor to reducing morbidities and mortalities in babies. The myths, misconceptions, taboos and the stigma also need to be addressed so also a campaign to make all public places breast feeding friendly.

OGSI Poshan Abhiyaan 2021: a major focus this year will be on nutrition in collaboration with UNICEF & NIN Hyderabad. 25% of our women are undernourished and give birth to low birth weight babies, perpetuating an intergenerational cycle of undernutrition. Macro & micronutrient deficiencies in women can also cause noncommunicable diseases.

Anemia Mukth Bharat – This is the dream of the country yet to be realized. Despite the high intensity focus from Government and FOGSI, the incidence of Anemia in pregnant women is still 50.4% and a major contributor to MMR and Near Miss. We are planning a dedicated year long campaign involving every platform, media for community connect


Healthy Nutrition should encompass Safe environment. That’s the reason environment is a major component of our theme. – Holistic Pregnancy care is the new mantra and we can no longer ignore the massive impact of environment on pregnancy and women’s health issues. Academics, awareness, community connects and CMES will be earmarked in our calendar for this .

IKSHANA- SWA- Raksha is Suraksha – All our front liners have done tremendous work risking their lives. As a token of our appreciation to their hard work and the sacrifices they make We Team FOGSI 2021-22 have designed a program for our Carers. This is our FOGSI cares for carers –IKSHANA- Screening for NCDs, Cancer across all societies by FOGSIANS at individual, Societal and as Pre-Congress Workshops. Together We Say We Care.

Respectful Maternity Care: RMC is a patient’s right, our responsibility. Every obstetrician has to be well informed about the components of RMC.

Reducing Preventable Stillbirth: A Pilot Project of providing 25 USG Machines to 25 rural centers with training for obstetricians and share with ObGyn experts from FOGSI for treatment pathway.

Rural Healthcare Initiative: The hands to help are many, the hearts to reach out are plenty. We only need to bring hearts and hands together. TEAM FOGSI 2021-22 brings this initiative with volunteer FOGSIANS from all Societies to reach the remote areas.


STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST DOCTORS – COVID is the obvious PANDEMIC, VAD is the silent tragic epidemic . It is demoralising, disheartening and dejecting to see the frequent attacks on our fraternity. FOGSI will work with IMA and provide support systems to help FOGSIANS practice with Dignity and Safety .

FOGSI INDEMNITY SCHEME: Many of our friends have been implicated in real as well as false litigations, court issues leading to extortions, attacks and lot of mental trauma. FOGSI indemnity with 15 benefits and 80% less premium should be the the apt choice of every FOGSIAN.

FOGSI SOCIAL SECURITY SCHEME: In the untoward event of demise of any FOGSIAN who is a member of the FOGSI SSS, a compensatory amount is disbursed to his/her nominee. More FOGSIANS should become part of the SSS as this is a brilliant way of helping one another, especially in
these testing times. Online membership facilitation is now available.

In my endeavour to do various educative and awareness programs for the health of #women of our country. We are planning on regional/ zonal/ national workshops, CMEs, screening camps for cancer cervix, Hb, BMD, training programs, certification courses on various topics including partograms, labour management protocols & guidelines, prematurity, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, cesarean sections, PPH, anemia eradication, PCOS, hyperprolactinemia, endometriosis, infertility, menopause, premature ovarian insufficiency, and menopause. Therapeutics include Progesterone, Calcium, Vit D, Folic acid, Contraceptives, Norethisterone and Dienogest.


Chronicles of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for Women’s health: I present the book of Legends of FOGSI who dedicated their life to motivate others. We give you interesting, innovative and inspiring aspects of their life which will have an impact on younger generation. There are emotionally gripping original incidents which changed our practicing methods in clinical practice, motivate us to think and improvise.

CLINICS OF FOGSI (PINK): Our aim is to provide clinical updates to all FOGSIANS with evidence-based protocols, a reference book to PG’s, Clinicians, Practitioners, Consultants & Teachers.

FOGSI FOCUS: We present a series of FOGSI FOCUS by different national and international experienced experts – Efocus.

FOGSI CONNECTS / FORUM: This is to Connect experts to consultants. We provide a mail id where you can post your queries and the experts will answer within a week.

Pregnancy Bible by Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan – This book is the perfect companion for your pregnant women in their journey and a useful supplement to your regular antenatal care. It tells them everything they need to know about their pregnancy.

MEDHA & FORCE (PG Teaching Program): This program is designed to train post graduates and develop skills for clinical applications and train them for their examinations.

GCPR & TOG: This provides an update to all health professionals working in obstetrics and gynecology with peer reviewed information delivered with good clinical references.

Integrating Quality and Dignity in Women’s Health – Principles, Protocols, Practices (PPP) – moving from guidelines towards implementation on ground and empowering FOGSIANS by honing up their skills to fix problems and implement changes/ideas by orientation to Quality Improvement Methodology and Respectful Maternal Care with synergistic functioning between public and private health care.

National Registry on Pregnancy with COVID-19 – FOGSI has started National registry on pregnancy with COVID-19 infection in 2020. It is simple, on Google form, with link on our FOGSI’s website.


Once again, I thank you for being with me in my long journey in FOGSI. I hope that EVERY FOGSIAN will support me and my Team FOGSI 2021-2022 in our endeavor to work for our Vison and Mission towards Health of #womenofourcountry

A Dream written down with a Date becomes a Goal

A Goal broken down into steps become a Plan

A Plan backed by action makes your dream come True

Walk with me and make OUR Dream come true


Dr. S. Shantha Kumari
FOGSI Immediate Past President 2021