Inaugural Messages

sanjya gupteDr. Sanjay Gupte

President, FOGSI

The FOGSI website has become an extremely important portal for all of us to be able to be connected to the organization and to each other. Today FOGSI is a large organization with over 25,505 members all over the country. We are the largest professional body in the world therefore it has become mandatory that we bring true professionalism to our organization. Any professional has four universal traits, responsiveness, knowledge, compassion and they always set an example for people to emulate. Adopting technology is one important step that we all have to undertake evolving into a true professionalism. Today information technology has helped dissemination of knowledge, information, and documentation at much faster pace. The FOGSI website should be one such destination that each member of FOGSI should travel to more often to seek what he wishes to. It could be knowledge, information regarding FOGSI governance, FOGSI policies, rules and regulations. It should act as a true showcase of all the activities that are so enthusiastically undertaken by the talented FOGSI members.

We have had some teething problems as far as the website management is concerned but I know now with the dedication of Dr. Nozer Sheriar and his team and with the support of all the FOGSI members we definitely should be able to create a website which truly will be a source of updated & correct information.

Reaching the Unreached initiative of FOGSI has included standardization, data collection & documentation as its foundation stones towards achieving the unreached goals that we foresee for FOGSI.

At this point of time we already have moved a step forward towards actively using FOGSI website and for dynamic data collection and this has been possible through the first web enabled registry of FOGSI, the National Eclampsia Registry. It will not only accumulate online data in a systematic fashion but will also provide online data analysis acting as an immediate analytic solution to the registry. A simple entry questionnaire has also been placed on the website for each one of the FOGSI member to participate in the Reaching The Unreached program, the action plan that I have floated for this year of my presidency. The member has to just access it, express his wish to participate, chose what he wants to participate in and will immediately receive a response. The cancer registry also will launch shortly to be webenabled registry.

Today technology has taken us with such great strides toward advancement.  Information technology has brought everything that man envisaged into a reality. We have to make most of these beautiful media of communication and thereafter my friends, I urge you today to make most of these opportunities that we have been able to provide for ourselves.

purandareDr. C.N. Purandare

Immediate Past President, FOGSI

It was one of the a stated goals of this FOGSI year that the decade old FOGSI Website be restructured, reenginneered and rejeuvenated to give us a cyberpresence befiting out size and status. That commitment now stands fulfilled with all the others we had made and since achieved. A respectable web presence is expected of all modern organizations in an increasingly connected world and often defines it's intent, purpose, activities and achievements.

FOGSI was a pioneer in the field of scientific journal publication with the Indian Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology. We look forward to the day when the FOGSI Website will establish itself on similar lines both in terms of administrative stucture and internal autonomy and as one of the most widely accessed accessed and read professional organization in existance. I wish the FOGSI Website the very best on behalf of the entire FOGSI membership and assure Dr. Nozer Sheriar and his Website team the fll support, invovement and engagement of our Federation

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