FOGSI – Cesarean Rates (JDT)

Written by 26 August, 2018 10:00 pm Category What's New.

There is a surprising lack of clarity amongst various organisations on cesarean rates. It is altogether surprising that rhetoric has replaced – sometimes even dangerously – what is best for the woman, her baby and the family. We believe that a rational evidence based approach to this issue is vital rather than the lazy narrative… Read more »

Supply of OXYTOCIN Injection by Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Limited, Bangalore

Written by 7 August, 2018 12:36 pm Category What's New.

   Click above to download Supply of Oxytocin Injection KAPL          Click here to download Guidance note Procurement of Oxytocin from KAPL    Click here to download JDT PDT Oxytocin Statement    Click here to download Complete Supply Cycle Inj PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION STATUS OF INJ. OXYTOCIN AS ON 17.08.2018 PRODUCTION STATUS… Read more »