Salient Features

Membership Criteria

  1. Life / Ordinary member of a constituent society of FOGSI for not less than three consecutive years at the time of joining this scheme.
  2. Membership of this scheme shall be subject to continuously being an active member of FOGSI, throughout the duration of membership of the FOGSI Social Security Scheme.
  3. This must be accompanied by an endorsement by the President / Secretary of the member society to which the applicant belongs.

Age Criteria

  1. The age will be considered as age in completed years on the date of encashment of the draft / cheque received.
  2. Proof of age must be attached with application.

Admission Fee

Age                                            Rate
At or below 30 years                               Rs.1,000/-
Between 31 and 40 years                        Rs.2,000/-
Between 41 and 50 years                        Rs.3,000/-
Between 51 and 60 years                        Rs.5,000/-
Above 60 years                                      Rs.10,000/-

Membership Fee

Every member of this scheme shall pay Rs.100/- as membership fees.  The membership fee is non-refundable.

Advance Fraternity Contribution

Every member has to pay initially Rs.1,500/- as A.F.C. along with the admission fee and  membership fee, which will be adjusted as Rs.100/- (Death Fraternity Contribution) per death of member during the year.

Fraternity Benefit

  1. Benefit of fraternity contribution of the scheme is available to nominees of scheme members after completion of two years of membership of FOGSI S.S.S.  An exception is made to this clause in the first two years of this scheme.
  2. If the death of a member occurs in an accident after joining the scheme, the nominee has to present the police file number and post mortem report.
  3. On receipt of information from a nominee about the death of the member, his/her nominee shall be paid the fraternity contribution as per entitlement under this scheme and the balance if any lying in A.F.C. account of member.

Death Fraternity Contribution (D.F.C.)

  1. Every member of the scheme shall contribute D.F.C. of Rs.100/- in the event of death of a member.
  2. This amount shall be adjusted against the A.F.C. during the year.
  3. Out of the above amount, Rs. 90/- shall be paid to the nominee of deceased member, with Rs. 10/- being retained by this scheme, for utilization for administrative expenses and to bridge any problem shortfall in overall D.F.C. collection.

Mode of Payment

The payment is to be made by cheque / draft payable in Mumbai, drawn in favour of “FOGSI–S.S.S.”.

Details about the Payment

AgeAdmission FeeMembership FeeAdvance Fraternity ContributionTotal Amount
At or below 30 yearsRs.1,000/-Rs.100/-Rs.1,500/-Rs.2,600/-
31 and 40 yearsRs.2,000/-Rs.100/-Rs.1,500/-Rs.3,600/-
41 and 50 yearsRs.3,000/-Rs.100/-Rs.1,500/-Rs.4,600/-
51 and 60 yearsRs.5,000/-Rs.100/-Rs.1,500/-Rs.6,600/-
Above 60 yearsRs.10,000/-Rs.100/-Rs.1,500/-Rs.11,600/-

Every member of the scheme shall contribute D.F.C. of Rs.100/- in the event of death of a member.

* If a member furnishes any wrongful information in the application form or at any time during the membership term, the Managing Committee of this scheme shall have the right to terminate the membership of the member concerned without any benefit.

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